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What’s (brand) New: Poler – “The Highest Standard of Stuff” Written by Mike.S on April 6th, 2012

Poler Nap Sack Sleeping Bag Camping poler nap sack sleeping bag relaxing in house







Poler – the Worlds Highest Standard of Stuff is making a name for itself in an era that is mixing, matching and exploring different avenues within lifestyles. As a new brand, Poler’s infancy is an exploration into the collective hearts and minds of skaters, snowboarders, photographers, designers, surfers and the lot that live in the moment, “What do I need? Ok, let’s make that!” Poler isn’t Mountain Hardwear or The North Face nor does it appear to have any intention of being either of them, for those brands play a more serious roll for outdoor enthusiasts who summit mountains and travel weeks on end into the backcountry. Instead, Poler brings a different, somewhat odd, but nevertheless fresh perspective with products that transcend the different aspects of their active lives. Their most impressive thought brought to fruition thus far is “The Napsack.”

The Napsack is a sleeping bag that explores an idea every single one of us has had as a child growing up. It has zippers to free your arms and legs and draw cords that cinch just below the waist so you don’t drag The Napsack through camp… or the house or the backyard or wherever. It even has a chest pocket. However ill conceived the design may seem to most traditionalists, that ingenuity shows true creative promise within a brand! Who cares if it isn’t made with superior Goose Down Fill, or Gore-Tex? It doesn’t need to be when you’re enjoying a summer skate/camping trip along the coast or a High Cascade Snowboard Camp session or a quick one night jaunt into the woods for some much needed R&R. That’s not to say that Poler doesn’t strive to make the best and most quality product, they are after all “The Worlds Highest Standard of Stuff.” Let’s hope Poler continues to build upon their unfettered ideas and continue to bring us creative products that can travel with us wherever we go. Cheers!

To check out the Poler Napsack at USOUTDOOR.com, click here.


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