What’s [brand] New: IVI Eyewear Written by Mike.S on June 2nd, 2012

From professional skateboarding to entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek treads a path that is both flamboyant and diligent. His operation: DYRDEK ENTERPRISES INC is home to such prominent brands as: DC Shoes, Monster, Alien Workshop, and most recently, IVI Sunglasses. You can bet that this new outlet will leave no stone unturned. By invoking the aesthetic derived from today’s skate/street culture, a culture of which Dyrdek knows all too well, and the presence of lens wizard Carl Zeiss, IVI Eyewear toes the mark and aims to please its patrons through an homage of form and flawless function.

The Giving

It is a nice gesture: giving. In most cases it is more rewarding than receiving. Though, in the case of the IVI Giving Sunglasses, it is better to receive the style and optical clarity it offers. Its nylon frame is outfitted with forged aluminum temple tips and Carl Zeiss Vision premium lenses. On the streets the Giving personifies a “back to the future” approach with its retro roots and progressive detailing. Doc Brown would definitely wear a pair, whereas Marty is more of a Diving kind of guy…

The Diving

For the sake of obvious tag lines; dive head first into the IVI Diving Sunglasses. No, they are not for swimming, although you’ll be swimming in style. Had enough? Good. Getting down to business the Diving is a modern take on aviators. Rigid lines and hand made premium acetate temple tips compliment the semi rimless nickel frame that keeps the Carl Zeiss Vision Premium Lenses in position for prime visuals. Say it with me now: PRIME VISUALS. Your eyes will thank you for the optically correct line of sight and others will thank you for looking good.

The Jiving

Remember Locs? Made famous by resting on the faces of NWA’s Eazy E, Locs became a staple of the west coast rap game, and these IVI Jiving sunglasses jibe well in the spirit of their design. Now, even if there were no correlation between the two in the development stages, the thick frame style says otherwise… and that’s not a bad thing. You can’t help but be a boy in the hood with more style than a fresh El Camino rollin kilo G. That’s what you get with the IVI Jiving Sunglasses: Street Cred.

When all is said and done, and all lyrics delivered, US OUTDOOR is proud to carry this new line of IVI Sunglasses. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship and style should go a long way. You can check out the rest of this impressive new IVI line at US OUTDOOR. Cheers!

Check out our selection of supa fly IVI Vision Sunglasses at USOUTDOOR.com

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