Von Zipper Sunglasses Frosteez Collection
What’s New: Vonzipper Sunglasses – The Frosteez Collection Written by Mike.S on June 20th, 2012

The Vonzipper Frosteez Collection

Vonzipper aims to “COOL” it down a bit with their new Frosteez Collection; a series of limited edition designs that can be described as a culmination of confidence. Arriving in time for the dog days of summer, the Frosteez Collection supplements your visual sustenance with a heavy dose of innovative styles derived from the foundations of perennial contenders. Sounds great doesn’t it? My words might sound a bit embellished but my approach is simply to put you in the Vonzipper mood… and I’m also listening to Wu Tang. Moving on…

The Snark

This Vonzipper design whispers a snide remark in the ears of those who clutch to conventionalism and scoff at progressive realities. This means only that the VZ Snark is not for the stylishly conservative; unless you are willing to be inspired. Their Nylon grilamid frame with stainless steel optical hinges harbor a base 6 spherical lens for optimized visual clarity, comfort and style; so far so sharp; so fresh and so clean. You get the idea. The Vonzipper Snark Sunglasses are meant to be worn with confidence, no second guessing.

The Elmore

The Vonzipper Elmore Sunglasses pay homage to the heavy hitters of old while maintaining their own modern identity. Their design proves that we can move forward by looking to the past. Much like the Snark mentioned above, the Elmore carries a level of confidence that surpasses the norm. Dressed with an impact resistant base 6 spherical lens and stainless steel optical hinges, the 100% UV protected Elmore offers stunning visuals. The view from the outside looking in isn’t too bad either.

The Cletus

The Cletus Sunglasses have a design that commands respect. Their frame resembles a pair of aviators cross bred with the Elmore and raised by the son of Pablo Escobar. In short, these Vonzipper sunglasses cue the slow-motion with every entrance; you just have to pick the sound track and party. Life is easy. Your eyes will be at ease too while looking through the 100% UV protected lens. Complimented with subtle flair and well thought out design, the Vonzipper Cletus sunglasses instantly up your style points.

In closing, there is a thin red line that separates confidence from arrogance; the Vonzipper Frosteez Collection offers an amplified aesthetic without going overboard… although you wouldn’t come to that conclusion from the photo above.

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