Top 13 Sunglasses for 2013 Written by Jennifer Frost on July 25th, 2013

Face it. You never find out what happened to your sunglasses from the previous year. So let them hang out wherever it is that old shades go in peace, and turn your attention to finding a new pair with which to stomp those sunbeams. Gaze upon this top baker’s dozen of visionary shades in order to enjoy an optical experience that can’t be vanquished by even the sun’s most powerful rays.
Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses
Out of a vat of fashionable functionality explodes the Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses. The way these bad boys blend classic style, bold colors and an ability to protect your peepers is flawless. One look and you will have plenty of reasons to adorn your face with Von Zipper’s masterpiece known as Elmore and nothing more.

Ashbury Slide Machine Sunglasses
Scope the scene and keep it clean with the Ashbury Slide Machine shades. These sunglasses refuse to do anything but lean on a laid-back look that is loaded with the ability to defend your eyes against all kinds of harmful rays. Clear vision and masterful craftsmanship give the Slide Machine the edge necessary to dominate all the other wannabes.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley worked closely with Shaun White to unleash their Holbrook Sunglasses and the result has landed this pair on the list for a myriad of merits. Not only do they pack the performance necessary to put a premium optical experience on lockdown, but they also exude a style that transcends time and is straight up undeniably legit.

Electric Knoxville Sunglasses
Crafted with Italian styling and bred with classic fashion, the Electric Knoxville Sunglasses exude a confidence all their own. Hard lines and timeless traits highlight this set and give you every reason to rely on them as your go-to pair when looking slick is critical.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

No best-of list is complete without a stunning set of Aviators, and Ray-Ban does them like no other. The design that started a timeless trend is immortalized in a classic frame that never fails to look legit. While they were originally designed for the military, the Ray-Ban Aviators have never stopped doing battle against nasty sunrays while constantly delivering a surplus of style.

Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses
It doesn’t get any cleaner than the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses. These streamlined shades are custom built with the best Propionate on the planet and jacked up on 100% UV protection so that visual clarity is at a premium in this performance sport model.

Smith Serpico Sunglasses

Immersed in an ageless silhouette, the distinguished Smith Serpico Sunglasses unload a bold look along with phenomenal coverage. Futuristic lens technology and expertly cast frames combine forces to bring you a pair that has got it all going on.

Dot Dash Poseur Shades

The Neff Daily Sunglasses and Dot Dash Poseur shades both make Neff Daily Shadesthe list based on the fact that they have something for everyone. Pleasing price points and plentiful color options are guaranteed to make your face pop with pizzazz and a genuine smile as you ooze attitude and sling style.

Julbo Micropore Sunglasses

If a pair of glacier glasses is to make the cut, it has to be the Julbo Micropore Sunglasses. Offering an outrageous amount of protection and the most amazing visible light reduction, these mountaineering shades do absolute work. You can expect the highest level of performance from the Julbo Micropore Sunglasses, because they never fail to deliver.

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses
Did someone say Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The Ray Ban Erika has a sweet, sophisticated style that has Audrey Hepburn and New York City written all over it. The resin frames have a gummy texture and smooth colors, accentuated by contrasting stems and matching ear pieces. The composite lenses are designed to provide excellent optical clarity and protect against 100 percent of harmful UV rays. All of this smooth style is backed by the Ray Ban name; an industry leader in top-of-the-line eyewear. Come get the look that is totally uptown and cool as ice (the one that’s measured in carats) with the Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses.

Paul Frank Sugarette Sunglasses

Become the sweetest ocular treat in town with the women’s Paul Frank Sugarette Sunglasses. Capable of turning heads on every corner and shutting down nasty sun beams, there is no reason not to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar with the Sugarettes.

IVI Daggerwing Sunglasses

Finally, take a stab at soaring style with the women’s IVI Daggerwing Sunglasses. Carl Zeiss lends his legendary lenses to these elegant beauties so that you get all the visionary protection and jaw-dropping good looks that you deserve every time you slip on the Daggerwing shades.
So, there they are. Take your pick of the best and get out there to fully enjoy that sunshine.

By Jennifer Frost

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