GoPro Hero 4
The New GoPro HERO-4 Written by Mike.S on November 18th, 2014

The pace of the world beats faster and faster every day, due in large part to rapid advances made in technology. Pretty soon we will all be making the famed ‘Kessel Run’ in less than 12 Parsecs. Hyperspace, man. Hyper. Space. Does it come as a surprise? Not really. The “technological snowball” is rolling downhill, gaining momentum with no gradation in sight to slow it down.

From within the fervent chaos of creation have come a couple goodies that seem to have put their “lead foot” down on the accelerator. The “smart phone” being one, another being the GoPro Camera. I understand that putting those two back-to-back might seem like an “out of left field” comparison, but they do share a few applied similarities. Both have rapidly risen to the top of their respected mountains and both have become household names that have revolutionized the way we document our lives.

The Newest iteration of the GOPRO is the HERO 4. Its 4K resolution is complemented with a host of features that go well with the epic musical score of your life that you dream about when you’re suppose to be working. It’s natural. Shooting at 12mp – 30/1 fps with 4K superview (BLACK) and multiple capture settings such as: Photo, burst, time lapse, night lapse, looping, continuous photo, and night photo, there is little the new GoPro HERO 4 can’t capture. And it has wi-fi capability! Just take a look at the video below. Most of us won’t be diving into the heart of an active volcano, but if you do… Don’t forget your GoPro HERO 4! People are going to want to see that, otherwise they probably won’t believe you.


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