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What’s New: Sea To Summit Travel Liners Written by Mike.S on May 4th, 2012

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Lately something has been “bugging” me; with so many stories, studies, allegations and investigations about the infestation of bed bugs within even the well established hotels, I can not help but feel concerned for the health and wellbeing of our travel happy customers. After all, isn’t a hotel supposed to be comfortable, relaxing and safe? The answer is yes; though all hotels advertise how great they are, only some of them hold true to their word.

That being said, Sea To Summit and their Travel Liners are ever more important, seeing as bed bugs can travel directly on the body as well as in your luggage, clothes etc. Though it is not certain that the liners will prevent bed bugs all together, these Sea To Summit Travel Liners are a great start. When coupled with precautionary measures such as luggage liners and researching hotel reviews, they can help bring peace of mind to the unsettling situation. Let’s face it, leaving it to chance is about as smart as free diving in a school of Jellyfish; sure you might emerge unscathed, but if you don’t… well, you know, just saying “bed bugs” is enough to make your skin crawl (pun intended). With a plethora of designs that utilize 100% Premium Cotton, Silk and Thermolite, these liners can act as another line of defense against bugs while traveling. Rest well my friends.


Sea To Summit Travel Liners

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