Quiksilver Amphibian Boardshorts Written by Mike.S on April 27th, 2012

Quiksilver_Amphibians_Rambler Boardshort

Every once in a while trends that blend two worlds together take shape and honor the masses with a new product or concept that makes sense. In this case the concept that I am referring to is what Quiksilver has dubbed as their “Amphibian” Series. It’s an easy concept to grasp and it has been adopted by other brands like Volcom, O’Neil and Ezekiel. Let me explain…

A combination of 95% polyester and 5% spandex material treated with water repellent Diamond Dobby DLX (based on Quiksilver Amphibian Series) helps transform the shorts you wear to church, the bank, casual Fridays at work, Monday Funday in the park, your best friend’s wedding, your best friend’s BBQ, a complete stranger’s BBQ, parties etc. into the quick drying shorts you can get wet without remaining wet for hours. They are like board shorts that look like normal shorts that you can wear all day everyday. Their versatility is proven. Not to say that wearing board shorts all day is not in your best interest and you can certainly get cotton wet, but consider this scenario…

Imagine a trip to the river: it is an easy scenario to conjure up as it is almost always on your mind in the summer time, but in this case, when the idea arises amongst friends, you are nowhere near a pair of aquatic ready shorts and thus stuck in the stylish, self-made cutoff jean shorts you thought would prove practical throughout the day. It has happened to the best; including me (in fact this scenario is based off a true story… of mine). It is not the end of the world by any means but for the sake of rambling, I will continue. On you will go to the river and have fun and all will be good with the universe… until you have to get back into the car. This posses a problem; your friend has leather seats and your jean shorts have soaked through the towel they lent to you. DAMN! Seeing as your group sought out the clean river that runs through the woods located an hour outside of town, you have a long way to go; hopefully your friend is forgiving about the leather seats you are about to dampen (they are… sort of). Feeling bad in your soaked denim you offer to pick up the tab for beer as you make you way back into town and on to another friend’s BBQ. Little did you know that you didn’t have enough in the bank account and are now faced with an overdraft fee that you won’t know about until the next time you deposit your pay check. OOOPS! At least you had fun, right? Yes, but doesn’t erase the overdraft fee and you can only be mad at yourself for not wearing shorts like Quiksilver’s Amphibians; their quick drying material is teeming with style from morning, noon and night.

In closing, wearing quick drying, water ready shorts that look and feel like everyday, socially acceptable shorts might, in some cases; keep you out of theses situations, though it is not a given. So this spring, look to brands like Quiksilver, Volcom, O’Neil and Ezekiel to dress your summer adventures appropriately. Cheers!

P.S. Thanks for letting me rant.

Check out Quiksilver Amphibian Boardshorts: Quiksilver Rambler and Quiksilver Dry Dock at USOUTDOOR.com. For more Quiksilver shorts, click here.

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