Oakley Prism Lenses
New Oakley Prism Lenses Written by Mike.S on September 24th, 2014

Im sitting at my desk, staring down at a catalog that reads: “You will never see snow the same way again.” It’s an Oakley catalog with a specific focus on their new Prism Lenses. My intrigue begins to peak.

Within this catalog, highly confidential information on the new Prism Lens is revealed: Designed for snow with an emphasis on maximum contrast. Detailed schematics outline a solution to our lack of visual coherence when navigating alpine conditions. My intrigue summits when I reach the spectrum analysis of color for which the human eye is scientifically more sensitive. I.F.L. science. The Oakley Prism Lenses act as a tuner; much like a guitar tunes to a note, the new Prism Lenses tune light to the eye. My point being: If an instrument is out of tune, it will not play right. Same goes for our vision. The concept is simple, the solution is infinitely more scientific…

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