New Leatherman Snowboard Tool Written by Mike.S on January 28th, 2013

The “Made In Oregon” sign that greets westbound traffic on Burnside, as folks enter downtown Portland is a local fixture that carries with it a great deal of heritage and pride, two things that fuel the timeless designs of Leatherman Tools. Founded in Portland, Oregon, Leatherman Tools have been calling our belts home for decades. Their newest design: the Hail is geared toward snowboarding and (as the video shows) cuddles up nicely with the Style PS design. Together these two Leatherman teammates will have a definitive affect on the functionality of current snowboard tools and their designs. By delivering a well thought out multi-purpose design in what appears to be a minimalists package, the Hail and Style PS travel at your side, providing solutions for your board, boots and bindings. This tool does not play on gimmicks, it just employs the straight forward, quality craftsmanship that we have all come to expect from Leatherman Tools. In its design it is the FORM that follows FUNCTION… and both nails have been hammered home. Well done. Available here at US Outdoor

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