2013 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard Airblaster Branding Collaboration
K2 / Airblaster Happy Hour Snowboard Collaboration Written by Mike.S on June 28th, 2012

Cheers! It’s what you say at Happy Hour. You know, that simple time established by our forefathers to subdue the complexity of the workplace, where you can hold a conversation based on mutual respect or just stare in silent adoration at the drink that rests in your hands. That simple time when you watch the troubles of the day drift away like little pieces of wood lost in a sea of whiskey… or you can drink responsibly. We all celebrate Happy Hour differently, but the message is quite the same: “I need a break.” Well, K2 Snowboards and Airblaster have joined forces to give us thirsting snow bound patrons something to toast to: The 2013 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard with Airblaster inspired graphics!

2013 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard Airblaster Collaboration At a time when snowboard graphics can easily be diagnosed with ADHD, Airblaster Outerwear and K2 Snowboarding set forth to dissect the industry standard and design a graphic that speaks volumes without saying anything, like a picture that speaks a thousand words. It all comes down to executing communication and that’s exactly what they have accomplished. Their approach to color, one single color with minimal typography, jumps out like a swollen thumb on a hitch hiker amidst a slew of tattered cardboard signs. It is the happy hour of graphics that eases the coded line of sight within snowboard shops that has become too complex to decipher.

But with Airblaster’s “Stay Wild” motto etched at the tips, wouldn’t you expect more outlandish incomprehensible graphics? No. In fact this K2/Airblaster collaboration ventures into the feral realm, where simplicity is the absolute definition of wild; although some might argue semantics. Any way you look at it, the only complexities you’ll find are hidden beneath the exterior where the anatomy of the K2 Happy Hour Snowboard takes shape; Ollie Bar and Carbon Web additives, lightweight woods, honey combs and special glass make up the foundation that dons the simple Airblaster graphics with pride, a foundation with a flat profile that rides like a dream for those who like to ride the whole mountain with a bit a freestyle flair.

So raise your glass and toast to K2 and Airblaster for bringing a new idea to the table. You might not snowboard and if you do you might find that your style of riding doesn’t fit the Happy Hour code of conduct, but remember this, graphics in the snowsports industry walk hand-in-hand and if you have found yourself lost in the maze of over stimulated graphics than you’ll welcome what’s happening here. Cheers… again.

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  1. Holden says:

    So raise your glass and toast to K2 and Airblaster for bringing a new idea to the table.

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