Danner Boots At U.S. Outdoor Written by Mike.S on May 12th, 2016

Danner Boots have been nothing less than a staple for those working in and around the Pacific Northwest. For decades upon decades they have paired well with a blue collar, and true grit seems to be an appropriate adjective when speaking of their character. Like a loyal dog, Danner Boots have risen at dawn and walked with the hard working laborers from Foremen to entry level casual on almost all levels of industry. Needless to say, these boots are familiar with our wilderness and the environmental framework of what makes Portland unique in many ways. Half of Danner’s product line is manufactured here in Portland. Hell, they were tied to the feet of those who’ve helped build this city (quite literally) over the years. So it is no surprise that Danner’s emphasis on craftsmanship and thoughtful design blends right in with the Artisan movement that is rooted here. That being said, a great pair of boots go a long way no matter where you are.

Here in Portland, the juxtaposition between urban landscape and surrounding wilderness is not much of a juxtaposition at all. It’s more like a handshake, hug, double tap combo between two longstanding business partners, metaphorically speaking. Forest Park stands as one of the nation’s largest municipal forests that leads right into an industrial hub of NW Portland. Trek up through Washington Park and the Hoyt Arboretum and “zoo bomb” into downtown. There really is no definitive line that separates one from the other and, through the years, Danner has made boots capable of keeping this longstanding partnership from drawing that line. We here at U.S. Outdoor are stoked to welcome them into our family of brands. Cheers!

Wy'east – Outdoor Original from Danner on Vimeo.

Keeping the Lights On from Danner on Vimeo.

Crafted in Portland: From Concept to Creation from Danner on Vimeo.

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