Core Lens Magnetic Fisheye Lens For Smartphone
Core Lens: Magnetic Fisheye Lens for Smart Phones Written by Mike.S on August 7th, 2012

Like it or not, the ‘Smartphone’ continues to have a profound effect on modern society; acting as Ambassadors of Communication in our newfound Age of Information. Smartphones not only provide us a Wi-Fi connection to the outside world at large, their cameras have become a tool for documenting our daily lives through the lens; the combination of the two are a potent social media blend that generate instantaneous results. That brings us to the topic at hand: the Core Lens Magnetic Fisheye Lens for your smartphone.

Core Lens Magnetic Fisheye Lens Accessories for Smartphone

This fisheye lens is designed by Core Lens and attaches magnetically over the lens of a smartphone; the result expands the capabilities of the camera’s lens by providing a wide, 180 degree angle shot that adds new dimension to the pics you snap off each and every day. Furthermore, the Core Fisheye Lens is so small it clips to a keychain and clasps to the smartphone instantly once the flat magnetic washer is attached. It’s mobile, easy to use, and relatively inconspicuous. And it’s versatile. Capture the whole party in one shot! With a 180 degree wide angle you can snap one off at close range, there is no more clearing space in crowded bars. Switch to video and film a skate line through the city at the drop of a hat without carrying the extra camera bulk.

There will always be purists that condemn the camera phone on the grounds that “everyone now thinks they’re a photographer”, I recognize the argument but, it’s not like the Core Fisheye Lens is going to replace the professional set-up; there are differences between snapping pictures and taking photos. And if your creative eye is keen you should have nothing to worry about.

I for one love the fact that this new smartphone accessory promotes creativity in us all. Who knows? It might just help an unsuspecting someone to unlock a talent they never knew they had or inspire a developed photographer to explore a new creative process. But enough with theoretical scenarios. Check out The Core Lens Magnetic Fisheye Lens here at US Outdoor. It’s pretty awesome.

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