Coalatree Organics: Sustainability Done In Style Written by Mike.S on May 16th, 2013

US Outdoor is proud to welcome Coalatree Organics to our family of brands! Based out of New Castle, Colorado, this new band of organic altruists aim to change the strange impulse in our brains that compels most of society to consume with little comprehension of consequence. Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability is centered within an obligation to make the world and everyone around them healthier through high quality, organic business practices both in business and in everyday life. Sounds complicated doesn’t it? Not really. Even though their brand sets them apart from many others in the industry, the folks that have created Coalatree are just like you and I. Simply put: they farm, they snowboard, they skate, they ski, they fly fish, they climb rocks, they make music… They. Are. Down. Real talk.

Seeded in an industry that has begun taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint, Coalatree Organics take pride in their line of organic apparel, a vast majority of which is made in the USA. Bonus. But that isn’t enough to satiate their hunger for sustainability. Speaking of hunger, their self-sustaining lifestyle yields fresh, organic produce and meat for team riders and inhabitants of the Coalatree Farm. That’s an amazing perk! This unique approach has attracted professionals from a variety of pursuits. You don’t have to be just a skier or snowboarder or skater to share in their sustainable sentiment.

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