Burton / US Outdoor Collaboration Written by Mike.S on November 13th, 2012

A longstanding and healthy business relationship with Burton has its perks, like when they recently approached us here at US Outdoor with a collaboration proposal. Naturally our ears perked up and when all was said and done they rewarded us (along with a select number of shops across the US) with a package that includes the Parkitech Snowboard, Ambush Boots and Malavita EST Bindings; three big freestyle players in Burton’s 2013 product line all dressed in the US Outdoor shop logo.

The Parkitech Snowboard

Burton Parkitech Snowboard US Outdoor LogoLets take a gander at the Burton Parkitech Snowboard, it is as precise as you can get when it comes to dissecting park terrains through focused feature calculations. It is normally part of Burton’s Restricted line but this collaboration is a special exception to the rule. With Jeremy Jones and Zak Hale behind the desk plugging park equations into the computer, the Parkitech is sure to be spot on. Its Off-Axis Squeezebox provides park specific flex that dials in unique tweak, thus maximizing the fun you have in the park. Combined with traditional camber and the paramount pop of Jumper Cables, the control and liveliness of the this Parkitech will keep your freestyle future bright. Check out the Parkitech Snowboard here.

The Malavita EST Bindings

Burton Malavita EST Bindings US Outdoor LogoThe freestyle makeup of the Malavita is derived from a potent blend of tech features that jibe well with us here at the shop, and their comfort is second to none. Starting with the EST Baseplate construction and down through the Asym Ankle straps and Gettagrip Cap straps, the Malavitat Bindings allow you to get more from your bindings without suffocating your feet. They are lighter and have incredible board feel and flex for you freestyle heads out there. Designed with The Channel in mind, these bindings provide infinite stance options and comfort. Check out the Malavita Bindings here.

The Ambush Boots

US Outdoor Burton Ambush Boots Finishing off the well rounded freestyle package are the Ambush Boots. Pop, flex and support form like Voltron and create a pair of boots that are as comfortable as they are light, and they are pretty damn light. Nobody likes a clunky pair of boots. They are stacked with features like Speed Zone Lacing and Shrinkage Footprint Reduction technology that get your fit dialed in. Check out the Ambush Boots here.

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