Birkenstock Available at U.S. Outdoor
Birkenstock Avialable at U.S. Outdoor Written by Mike.S on May 21st, 2014

Categorically, Whats New just doesn’t make a lick of sense, especially when you consider the lengthy history that has shaped the Birkenstock brand. Contextually, Whats New merely refers to our new found relationship with Birkenstock.

With a lineage that dates back 230 years, Birkenstock knows how to put your feet at ease. Within that time, their classic, cork footbeds have been honed in and crafted to perfection. All who where them know of what I speak. They are a household name that is synonymous with comfort. Birkenstock footwear continues to stroll through the proverbial door, making themselves at home in everyone’s living room. More recently, Birkenstocks have seen a resurgence in the fashion world; so they have that going for them, too, which is nice. As the Americana movement gains steam, it seems only logical that such a brand would gain even more notoriety just by staying the course. That is what makes Birkenstock a great brand, and we are proud to welcome them to our family.

Birkenstock sandals 2

birkenstock sandals

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