Best Wetsuits for 2015 Written by Jennifer Frost on May 16th, 2015

Not everybody gets to enjoy the pleasantly warm waters of Hawaii’s North Shore when they paddle out. A lot of breaks are much cooler and require more than just a pair of board shorts to keep you functional in the water. A good wetsuit is essential for many surf spots, so let’s explore the best of them for 2015.


Xcel 5/4 Drylock Hooded WetsuitLeading the pack of best wetsuits for 2015 is the Xcel Drylock Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit. Whether you are looking to crush waves in the Northeast, Northwest, or Antarctica, this superior collection of surf tech is going to own the ocean. Each seam has been taped, blindstitched, glued, and fused to keep water out. Overlapping flaps at the ankles and wrists team up with a front entry system to make this suit wicked easy to put on. Cold-weather surfing has met its match with the Xcel Drylock Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit.


Transform the frigid waters of the Arctic into the accommodating swells of Australia with O Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Fullsuitthe O’Neill Superfreak 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit. This bad boy just screams performance as it attacks the chilliest waves with reckless abandon. Warmer than ever before, the Superfreak showcases impressive FluidFlexTM Firewall technology across the chest and in the back while also going all in to keep water out so you stay mega toasty while getting savage in the sea.



Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3mm Back Zip Full SuitQuiksilver has been on top of their wetsuit game for years, and they refuse to disappoint the cold water shredders this season too. The Quiksilver Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip Full Suit focuses on warmth while remaining super lightweight. The Syncro won’t slow you down or restrict movement as it is rocks FN Lite neoprene material that enables fluid movements and full range of motion. Oh, AND you want durability? You got it. This top wetsuit for 2015 is loaded with toughness.


For the ladies, the top nominees are easy. The Roxy Women’s Syncro 5/4/3 Back Zip Roxy Syncro 5/4/3 BZ FullsuitWetsuit fosters an endless summer environment that turns the coldest conditions into the friendliest surf environment. Frigid swells are no match for the FN Lite Neoprene material that is loaded with air cells that deliver lightweight warmth no matter where you paddle out. A Bio-fleece thermal lining bumps up the toastiness even more for unparalleled comfort in cold water.



Xcel Infiniti X2 Hooded 5/4 Fullsuit - Women'sIf you’re interested in a hood to further pump the female-specific performance, the Xcel Women’s Infiniti X2 Hooded 5/4 Wetsuit absolutely cannot be beat. Featuring the watertight front system along with revolutionary Thermo Dry material that recycles body heat, the Infiniti increases your endurance and bolsters your time in the water. Both of the best women’s wetsuits for 2015 boast advanced fits and premium comfort so you can slay the chilliest waves with authority.


When it comes to the best wetsuits for 2015, Quiksilver, Xcel, Roxy, and O’Neill have got you covered. All your cold-weather surf sessions can happen within the comfort of these top five sets as they promise to not only keep you nice and toasty, but also swear an oath to take your performance and experience to the next level no matter how many icebergs you have to dodge.

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