Top 15 Skis for 2014
The Best 15 Skis for 2014 Written by Jennifer Frost on January 2nd, 2014

This is your season. This is the one that changes everything. Fresh snow will fall upon the mountain and you will rise to new levels of performance, dominance, and most of all, fun. Let your eyeballs peruse these top 15 sets of skis for the season, and then allow your heart decide which pair of planks is going to make this year truly unforgettable.

Rossignol Soul 7 SkisThe Rossignol Soul 7 is the future of freeriding. With a revolutionary shape and rockered profile, it fuses aspects of freestyle dominance, backcountry functionality, and freeride performance to give you a pair of sticks that have go-anywhere, rip-everything versatility.


Both hard-charging and unstoppable the K2 Annex 98 and the K2 Annex 108
K2 Annex 108 SkisK2 Annex 98 Skis out killer lines that all will admire. They feature a blend of rocker and camber that maintains power and energy transfer underfoot, while keeping your tips up in the fluff. You can’t go wrong with either one in any snow conditions, but pick the 108 if you plan on attacking the waist deep stuff more often.


Line Sick Day 95 SkisLine Sick Day 110 SkisDelivering every reason you need for calling in sick is a collection of skis from Line that don’t know how to quit. The Line Sick Day 110 and its cousin, the Line Sick Day 95 are destined to be your favorite set of freeride planks. Both are incredibly lightweight and nimble so that you can execute perfectly precise maneuvers anywhere on the hill.

Delivering 100% downhill performance, both models flex Line Prophet 98 Skisincredibly durability so that no line is too hairy for you to charge. And don’t forget, it was foretold that the Line Prophet 98 would be a highly stable, reliable, fun-to-ride all-mountain ski this season.


Line Pandora Skis - Women'sLadies, now all the first tracks are yours thanks to the powder devouring powers of the Line Women’s Pandora. Completely redesigned for this season, this playful pair loves nothing more than slicing picturesque lines in the fresh.

Line Soulmate Skis - Women's

If you are looking for a ferociously feminine set that excels at high speeds with smooth power and authoritative control, the Line Women’s Soulmate won’t let you down.

Volkl Yumi Skis - Women's
Crafted especially for females who like to equally disburse shred time between the front side and the backside of the mountain, the Volkl Women’s Yumi are an award-winning set of freeride skis that are well versed in dominance all over the hill.

Volkl Kenja Skis - Women's

Speaking of unparalleled performance and pristine all-mountain power, the Volkl Women’s Kenja has everything it takes to rip through all conditions through varied terrain.

Volkl Mantra Skis
No worries, oh manly rippers, for Volkl made you some goodies too. The Volkl Mantra screams versatility as it manhandles powder and crushes crud with its rockered tips and straight up nasty carving abilities.


Atomic Theory SkisSpeaking of dude sticks, the Atomic Theory is putting performance into practice this season with a profile that kicks up at the ends to give you a ride that will flow through the fluff and break the sound barrier down the groomers.

Atomic Access Skis

Granting you clearance to tackle new terrain, the Atomic Access is a little fatter and little radder than your old pair, because they will take you places you had only ever dreamed of venturing.

Atomic Vantage Elysian Skis - Women's

And for those of you who escaped the Y chromosome, the Atomic Women’s Elysian is all about efficiency as it slays backcountry obstacles and lights up the groom on the regular.
Atomic Century Skis - Women's
Also, there is the downright indestructible Atomic Women’s Century, which is destined to dominate for as long as its name implies. With bombproof construction and deep bag-o-tricks, you won’t be left wanting anywhere you ride.
Step in and step up this season with a pair of planks that promises to progress your performance.


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