Top 9 Goggles for 2015 Written by Jennifer Frost on January 25th, 2015

Top Goggles for 2015

If you put cruddy snow eye wear in front of your peepers, your day at the mountain is going to suffer. If you’ve ever spent a session in garbage goggles, you know this to be true. And just going without a set doesn’t really work either. The fact is, a good pair of snow goggles is going to enhance your entire experience. If you can’t see, you can’t have fun. Have more fun than anyone else on the hill with one of these top goggles for 2015.


Smith I/OS Goggles

The Smith I/OS Goggles have made a name for themselves with their rimless design and expanded peripheral vision. The lenses, which are super easy to swap out, are loaded with 5x Anti-Fog powers so you never have a problem spotting the perfect line.

Oakley Canopy Goggles

Constructed with all kinds of O tech and features, the Oakley Canopy Goggles expand your field of view in every direction. The O Flow Arch refuses to pinch your nostrils so you can breathe freely and the frame shapes to your face for a super comfortable fit.


Anon M2 Goggles

Whether by harnessing the magical powers of the most supreme wizard or developing highly advanced tech in a secret lab, the Anon M2 Goggles are one superior slice of eye wear. Thanks to magnets embedded in the frame, this might be the easiest pair to conduct a lens swap.

Electric EGB2s Goggles

The Electric EGB2s Goggles are just a fundamentally sound pair that get it done all over the mountain without stressing all the frills. A spherical lens, anti-fog coating, and 100% UV protection all team up to deliver an optical experience that won’t let you down.

K2 Photoantic Goggles

Designed to bring clear vision, comfort, and quality to your shred kit, the K2 Photoantic Goggles are easily the best bang for your buck. Equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens, there is no question that the Photoantic has top of the line clarity and durability.



VonZipper Skylab Goggles
Perhaps the most comfortable pair on the hill this year is the Von Zipper Skylab Goggles. Three dimensions of polar fleece lined foam are positioned to hug your face in an ergonomic design, and forward venting keeps your face fresh and your vision clear. And don’t forget the dual adjustable strap to dial in perfect fit with the Von Zipper Skylab.
Spy Marshall Goggles

Just say no to distortion. The ARC Lens in the Spy Marshall Goggles shows you everything the mountain lays before you with a unique design that promises to remain optically correct. And with a crazy amount of color, frame, and lens options available, there is a pair for every slice of steeze.

Dragon APXS Goggles

The Dragon APXs Goggles feature a frameless design in a more modest package that won’t dominate 99% of your face. Armored venting lines along the top allow plenty of air to move through, but stays burley just like the whole set so you can tackle to most intense terrain in style.
Ashbury Bullet Goggles

Take aim at any feature or run with the Ashbury Bullet Goggles. This pair even comes with a free extra yellow lens so you can dominate the night scene too. All the vision without the bulk, the Bullet shows off an unparalleled visual encounter.




There you have it. Stick with a pair from these top goggles for 2015 and you’ll be able to unlock the entire mountain with your eyes. When your vision is uninterrupted, you can charge harder, tackle bigger hits, and dismantle gnarlier lines like an optical boss.

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