Mondaze Episode 1 Poler Nap Sack
Mondaze: Poler Napsack Showdown Written by Mike.S on July 29th, 2013

The Stage is set, Poler Nap Sacks donned fashionably and ready for action. If this were the old west, a tumble weed would saunter across a recently emptied marketplace as townsfolk nervously shut their windows and peer out through the tiny cracks in the shutters… Why? A case of the Mondaze has got all of us at US Outdoor unnerved and scratching at the walls… A showdown is eminent. Two men will square off (in their Nap Sacks… because they can) and duel to set things right, to break the monotony and bring balance to the Force; much like the Flux Capacitor, this is what makes the work week possible… I mean productive.

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