Vans: Certainly Off The Wall Written by Mike.S on February 27th, 2013

The Reveal

Vans Founder Steve Van Doren Branded By US Outdoor

In case you are wondering, yes, that is Steve Van Doren, known to some as the “Willy Wonka” of Vans and son of Vans founder Paul Van Doren, being branded by none other than US Outdoor’s very own George Bean, Head Snowboard Buyer at US Outdoor. You see, sometimes… things happen, Off The Wall things, and when they do it is next to impossible to escape the iPaparazzi. With grace and integrity, Luke Yates, Vans Northwest Sales Rep and iPhone extraordinaire, captured this golden moment while on Vans sponsored sabbatical in Silverton, Colorado just before the snowsports industry congregated in Denver for the annual SIA Trade Show.

Witnesses present: Pat Moore (back left) and Mark Landvik (right)

Perpetrator: George Bean (typical)

Victim: Steve Van Doren

Lets break this picture down for a second, shall we? Lets. They sure are having a good time, aren’t they? Each face tells a story; from unparalleled joy, utter disbelief, maniacal laughter and shame, this all-star cast is sharing in a “moment” that they will never forget. It isn’t every day that you get to brand a prominent figure of one of the most iconic brands in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. George Bean knows this as his expression speaks for itself. What is easy to overlook is the substance dripping from George’s left hand as he applies the antique brand to Steve Van Doren’s backside. Is it milk, beer? Judging from George’s face, he doesn’t know either. There are no bottles present nor is there a cup to necessitate any liquid. But I guess it pales in comparison. Feel free to explore this photo further to discover any other hidden gems I might have missed.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the moments leading up to or preceding this event. It was all in good fun and Van Doren walked away without a scratch.

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