Top 10 US Outdoor Employee Gear Picks-2011 Written by Chelsea on January 5th, 2012

Name: Justin

Status: Goggle Geek, Ski Coach, King of Cheese

Gear Pick for 2011: Oakley Airbrake Goggle

About the Airbrake: Whether you’re in the parking lot with frozen digits and 40mph winds blowing you over or 10 hours deep at work, the Oakley Airbrake’s exclusive lens changing technology will make you look like a lens changing pro. Sunny in Portland or socked in at the hill? Swap those lens in and out in seconds, and then sit back and watch your buddies struggle to change theirs…. It’s as simple as opening the lever, lifting out the lenses, setting the new ones in, and then closing the lever. And done. You can now proceed to sit back and finish your coffee and offer words of encouragement to your friends who are struggling with their lens be saying something like: ” Did you see how quick I changed my lenses? Yeah… Those are the new Oakley Airbrakes, you should probably get a pair.” One frame, two lenses to cover all conditions, and a fresh case to keep everything safe and all together… I’m totally sold.

New Technologies: Proprietary super cool lever to lock your lens in place. Oh, and you know, still the best optics in the business.

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