Sunset Skateboard Co. Available at U.S. Outdoor
Sunset Skateboard Co. Written by Mike.S on May 20th, 2014

“… They hit the streets glued to a four-wheeled, California Dream; their wheels lit up like cosmic rays that cut through the dark of night. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t frying on acid because those lights would have sent me into deep space, although deep space is a good place to be, given the right circumstance. I couldn’t help but watch as this roving band of miscreants terrorized the patrons as they cruised by, weaving in and out of traffic as though they were knitting a blanket that would eventually swaddle everyone but them. Freedom; they were the very embodiment of the word. I wanted to yell it out for them, but why beat the dead horse they just feasted on? They were bound by nothing more than a wild desire. Maybe I wanted to yell it for myself? I dove back into my beer and pondered that pack of cosmic wolves: what carnage would they descend into next? What weird, alternate universe would they rip into and explore?” – Jasper Petigrew

Sunset Skateboard Co. Cruiser

With the power of kinetic energy harnessed, the Sunset Skateboard Co. designed a wheel that lights up once the wheels are in motion. Oh, science. The translucent polycarbonate deck and flair LED, polyurethane wheels waste no time getting the party started. Once the sun sets, the wheels really start to pop; lighting up the clear colored, old school inspired deck in an array of colors. Pretty cool. These vintage, throw-back cruisers are prepped and ready for the midnight ride. Pick one up today and paint the town red… or green or blue.

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