SIA: A Look Into The Future Written by Mike.S on March 4th, 2013

Time travel is a funny and tricky thing, but some folks experience it without even knowing that it’s happening. What I am referring to is a phenomena known as SIA or Ski Industries America. It is a mass gathering of snow sport brands and buyers that congregate in Denver, CO. In a nut shell, the brands (which I now refer to as: Oracles) manufacture a coming reality that is witnessed by the buyers (the Chosen Ones), and for a few days, a series of meetings between the two are preceded or followed up with sponsored promotional events and outings. The meetings involve detail oriented breakdowns of upcoming product lines, technological advancements and so forth that will produce revenue from manufacturer to retailer. The sharing of this pertinent information on future goods… is what makes this time travel possible.

Therein-lies the cosmic conduit of foresight that seems too often overlooked. The brands show the buyers what they are going to sell a year in advance! Isn’t that weird? They are like profit prophets (in a sense). It happens all around us and in all facets of commerce and has been going on for years now right under our very noses. In fact, the industry would not function properly without it. Are we, as enthusiasts, numb to its science fiction? Lets face it, there are a lot of things that go on during SIA, multiple levels of reality and scenarios that play out to veil the eyes. Like a Vans sponsored trip to Silverton, CO, to go snowboarding… as shown below.

Vans Footwear Silverton ColoradoMeet George Bean (left, raised hand), he is Head Snowboard Buyer here at US Outdoor. Along side George is Luke Yates (right), NW Sales Representative for Vans. Together these two hung out as both friends and colleagues. They had a jolly good time (see below) in the Silverton snow just before Luke sent George hurling into the future with his presentation of next year’s goods which revealed a collaboration with Union Bindings and a slew of other great products! But lets take a moment to appreciate the following picture that encapsulates the relationship between Oracles and the Chosen Ones.

US Outdoor George Bean Vans Luke YatesLook at these two, they are happy as a couple of poets on payday. Irresponsible? No. Necessary? Yes.

This is a fruitful relationship anchored by trust that has had years to develop. Each of them work incredibly hard to deliver the best product to you… and they have fun doing it. Some consider their line of occupation a dream job that involves traveling, snowboarding and often times Karaoke, fine dining and an occasional trip into the future. Although time travel is never mentioned in the job description.

A wise Oracle, Luke is well versed in the form of time travel that I aim to expose. Having worked for a host of great companies for many years before settling down with Vans, he knows how to paint a bright future that we as consumers can be excited for.

Rob Solomon SIAWith that said, the relationship between George Bean and Luke Yates might not exist (at least at US Outdoor), if not for this man: Rob Solomon, Owner of US Outdoor, pictured to the left, trying on a pair of next year’s ski boots. I wonder if he is aware that he has his foot deep inside the future as he humbly throws up a hang loose gesture? It is possible. Nevertheless, this man’s brain has endured years of time travel, the likes of which cannot be comprehended. He has seen Time Travelers on both sides come and go. But I’m not implying that he is old, not at all, Rob Solomon is a seasoned veteran with many more years of time travel to go. He makes great things happen for us all here at US Outdoor. Excuse me, I have to go wipe my nose.

I conclude by exposing you to the same form of time travel… No, I am not an Oracle, I have just smuggled lines of code from “The Matrix”, that allow me to show you just what the buyers saw.

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