Saturday School: Helmets Rule Written by Mike.S on February 25th, 2012

Welcome to Saturday School! Today you will learn the importance of helmets through the experience of another rider, because experience is a great teacher. With that said, snowboarding and skiing are not always as glamorous as it seems, in fact professional skiers and snowboarders put themselves through the physical grinder each and every time they hit the hill. Broken bones, blown knees and, of course, the almighty concussion are brutal reminders that we are human. Though most of life is played out beyond our control there are some steps that we can take to ensure our longevity in the sport. Helmets are not flattering, but with growing popularity, helmets have become more prevalent and have shown incredible growth in aesthetics. They used to make your head look big, butt stick out, and gave you bad breath (not scientifically proven), but in this video- Transworld Snowboarding: Barely, episode 1, you will witness young talented Volcom team rider Jess Kimura destroy herself and in the end embrace the helmet as a tool to help her keep enjoying what she loves to do the most… snowboard! Remember, style counts for nothing if you’re not around to use it.



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