Roc Nation Aviation Domination: A Skullcandy Crusher Written by Mike.S on March 1st, 2012

Most of us suffer from something we don’t know we suffer from… a beat deficiency that has developed through poor headphones. Skullcandy’s Roc Nation Aviator headphones, a limited edition beat bound vitamin collaboration with Jay Z’s record label “Roc Nation”, takes care of that. Not only do these Aviator’s bring the beat back, they fly sound sweeter than an Etta James whisper straight into your ears and are more comfortable than a Snuggy on a snowy day. That’s saying something! Even metal-heads would love the Roc Nation Aviator. Furthermore, these Skullcandy headphones are designed with folding hinges and a carrying case so you can take the Roc Nation with you wherever you go… Because sound doesn’t stay still. Available at select retailers only. Check out the new Roc Nation Aviator Headphone at



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  1. Cool Headphones says:

    Best headphones I have ever owned. Would recommend to anyone who likes base in their headphones. Very pleased with the quality and sound

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