Second Coming Of The Sun
Rise And Shine Written by Mike.S on May 13th, 2014

Rejoice, for the second coming of the sun has renewed our subscription to park life and easy living! This second coming will cure the Vitamin D deficiency you developed when the 9 Month Sog set in and obliterated your reserves. Not cool, bro. It’s been 9 months; 9 long months devoid of some of our favorite things… Until now.

In this transition, Wild West rules apply: find a park and stake you claim. Outdoor BBQ’s? Everyday. Fenders? Take them off of your bike and ride feral through the streets. It’s a party, people, so gather round! GORE-TEX? Not today my friend; Patagonia Baggies and a river. Outdoor seating? Now available. Like Milhouse, I’m freaking out…

… And that “something coming back“? It’s the sun! I feel like the Koolaid Man ready to bust through walls that I have been scratching at for some time now. Rise and shine you big and beautiful ball of fire! I’ll be sitting outside, raising my glass in celebration of your return. Who’s coming me?

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