Stephan Janowski Nike SB Digi Floral Print
Nike Zoom Stephan Janowski – Digi Floral Print Written by Mike.S on September 26th, 2013

In this world there are dedicated collectors… of all things, but none more dedicated than the ‘Nike Head;’ it is both a title and an adjective. Nike has no doubt seeded itself in the popular confines of urban culture, seeds that have sprouted design savvy and creative people from their soles, and their exuberance is noteworthy. From hardcore to hip hop and so on, you can spot a Nike Head in a crowd; that is the idea, that is the intent, that is what makes a Nike Head, a Nike Head.

In recent years, with help from some of skateboarding’s most notable figures such as Eric Koston, Nike has worked itself (in a big way) back into the eclectic world of skateboarding. Their team is a collection of everyone’s favorite skaters. I’ll throw out a few names to see if they stick: Lance Mountain, Eric Koston, Brian Anderson, Grant Taylor, Paul Rodriguez, Chet Childress, Alex Olson, Gino Iannucci… and the list continues. Come Friday the focus will be on one Nike Pro in particular, a pro I neglected to name on purpose for dramatic affect… Stephan Janowski.

On Friday, the 27th of September, the new Nike Zoom Stephan Janowski Pro Model with their Digi Floral Print are available to the masses, but make no mistake, their numbers are extremely limited and they are only available in a select number of shops, US Outdoor being one of them.

Nike Stephan Janowski Digi Floral Print

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