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Murdey Surfboards: A Local Legend Written by Mike.S on August 17th, 2012

While perusing to research the newest Murdey Surfboards that recently arrived here at US Outdoor I happened to run across two words that, when placed side-by-side, sum up a practice that might seem archaic to some: Buy locally.

Buy locally? What a concept! And yet, there is nothing new about it. Lost to the convenience of a corporate culture we tend to forget that buying locally has an enlightening effect on our surrounding communities. Dan Murdey, founder of Murdey Surfboards based here in Portland, Oregon, has embraced this “radical” practice that has seen its fair share of hard times within our current social, economic and political climate.

Although the overall objective of a business is to make money there are certain intangibles that you as a customer receive when a product or service, like Murdey Surfboards, remains loyal and local. Small local businesses share an obligation to serve and strengthen their surrounding communities in a variety of ways and in turn their efforts create a direct human connection between the consumer and the product. These connections help develop trust in a brand; a brand that is in your community, employing your friends and family and creating economic and social diversity.

Murdey Surfboards for US OUTDOOR

Murdey Surfboards at the glass shop before they ship to US OUTDOOR.

Our friends at Murdey have been servicing the surf community in the Pacific Northwest for many years. Their commitment to making great surfboards dives even deeper to emerge with a product that best serves each and every rider in their own unique way. Furthermore, Murdey surfs the waters that most companies dare not tread: personal customization. If you have a specific size, shape and or color in mind for your next surfboard Murdey can make it happen; your local surf shop can help you place your special order. This open approach certainly falls within the Murdey mantra- “Remember, having a connection with your surfboard does matter.” It is this mindset that allows Dan Murdey to conjure the custom shapes that make each Murdey Surfboard unique.

Who is this Murdey man? A skilled craftsman, Dan Murdey has been shaping surfboards for two decades now and has quite a familiar face in both the surf and skate industries. Odds are you have seen him around. He has shaped boards for many companies throughout his career and now operates out of his full glass shop here in Portland. His presence within the community helps put a face to Murdey Surfboards and we here at US Outdoor are not only stoked but honored to stock our shelves with his custom creations.

With all that said, I wish to state that I do not believe all corporations are bad but, there are a few gigantic rotten tomatoes in the bunch that ruin it for everyone. And, there are times when the opportunity to buy locally does not arise. We here in the Pacific Northwest are spoiled. Our landscapes are rich with natural resources that open the door for entrepreneurs. Some would say that it is a “target rich environment”.

In the end, a healthy local economy can help bring a better understanding of how we as communities can better serve the world at large. That is the end of my rant. In the words of Dan Murdey- Buy locally


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