Looking Forward: 2013 Goggle Trends Written by Mike.S on March 9th, 2012

Goggles are changing. In a few years ski and snowboard goggles will most likely resemble the blast shield of a NASA astronaut space helmet, and for good reason.  Why, you ask? Because a comfortable pair of boots, waterproof outerwear and the right set-up is nothing if you can’t see the terrain clearly. Not to say you can’t do that already, but adapting on the fly to changing conditions has been a chore until recently. New developments in lens technology allows a lens to transition with condition, and frames are beginning to implement far more efficient ways to interchange lenses in variable conditions. These are the trends and styles that are to become prevalent moving forward. 2012-2013 looks to be a great year in the world of visual communication.

Transworld Business Goggle Trends Cheat Sheet


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