Linkin Blogs Written by Mike.S on April 19th, 2012

adventure-journal-poll-coffee-or-beer-660Coffee or Beer? It is a question I ask myself every day. As I slip further into my own subconscious I realize I can’t have a normal conversation before I have a cup of morning coffee nor can I slur my words and do the happy dance without escaping judgement sober. They are two monsters that battle at the helm of consumption and they, as the Adventure Journal states, walk hand-in-hand with adventure driven outdoor activities. Read it here at Adventure Journal and make the difficult decision of which to leave behind…


dutch-oven-cookingContrary to popular belief, the Dutch Oven is NOT just the act of farting while in bed and trapping your partner underneath the blankets. In fact it serves a great purpose when cooking in the wilderness. Although I couldn’t write that last sentence without laughing maniacally, I think you should read this article at Camping Pro and let us know what you think about the recipes they bring to the table. Hopefully they don’t involve an abundance of gas inducing ingredients…


Pacific-Crest-Trail-mapOn a far more serious note, the folks at The Clymb shared a video on their thoughts of hiking the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) which is an accomplishment a member of US Outdoor has recently achieved. From Mexico to Canada, Zane hiked his heart out and completed the trek in just over 4 months. Congrats Zane! I encourage all of you to check this video out at WendMag and if you’re ever in the shop, page Zane and buy him a beer for his accomplishment!


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