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Hot Times Summer In The City Written by Mike.S on July 11th, 2014

There’s no doubt that many of us have switched from complaining about the rain to complaining about the heat. And with some of our hottest days on the docket, how do we curb the enthusiasm to blurt out our disdain for such conditions? Well, there are a few things that will help take the edge off so you don’t feel like a fried egg cooking on the sidewalk in the summer sun. I’ll name the obvious solutions first: WATER! FIND IT. BE IN IT!

Float The River!

This is a time honored tradition that has nestled nicely into the summer pocket. On the banks of both the Sandy River and Clackamas River, onlookers basking on the beaches watch as a parade of party barges comprised of cheap rafts, inner tubes and dinosaur floaties cruise by at a speed of 2-3mph blaring music and enjoying a fine summer beverage. Although this sounds extremely relaxing and awesome (which it is both) there are some obstacles that leave the shores draped in the shredded remains of rafts once afloat. So, be mindful when you’re out of your mind on the river. Enjoy it and you’ll forget all about how hot it is. Here are some details to help get you on your way:

Suggested Sandy River floats: Dabney to Lewis & Clark. Estimated time of float: 2-3hrs (depending on the flow of the river and stops)

Suggested Clackamas River floats: Barton to Carver Park / Estimated time of float: 3-5hrs (depending on the flow of the river and stops)

Swimming Hole

The surrounding area is riddled with swimming holes that offer both scenic views and cool refreshing, shaded areas to take a dip. Head out to the Washougal River or Lewis River just across the bridge in Washington. Moulton Falls is a popular destination with a monstrous 85′ bridge that we don’t condone jumping off of… but many do (insert winking emoticon here), and like all mountain runoff, the water is frigid and clean and oh so refreshing. There is the local option of Sauvie Island as well. A popular destination only 20 min away on the Willamette River.

Of course you can always head toward Mt. Hood, our Graceland, to seek out and try your hand at Timothy Lake, Lost Lake, Clear Lake… the list goes on. Set out early, take a hike, work up a sweat and find yourself in seclusion with some fresh water and the call of the wild. There’s good camping, too. Make a weekend out of it.

Days End

Of course, if you’re not camping, you’ll eventually return to a house/bedroom that has been cooking in the summer sun. This makes for a miserable nights sleep especially if you’re sun burned. So if you have a water bottle (or many preferably), fill it up and throw it in the freezer when you get home. When you’re headed for bed, fetch the frozen water bottle, put it in a zip lock bag and throw it in bed with you. This will give you a little relief and when it melts, you can drink it! Magic. Spray bottles and fans are also an option, and when you combine them all you’ll have yourself a merry little sleep.

So there you have it, options that will keep you from cooking like a fried egg on the street. Most of you know of such options but for those new to the area or just visiting, there you go! Enjoy the sun, be safe and don’t be dumb. Wear sunscreen and have a proper water-to-alcohol ratio for staying alive. Here is the extended weather forecast for Portland, Oregon.

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