“From Peak to Park… Avenue” Written by Mike.S on February 28th, 2012

“… Back in the day when I was young, I’m not a kid anymore, but sometimes I sit and wish I was a kid again!”

In this “Into the Streets – Urban Snowboard Documentary” I am reminded of the days when fun was priority one, and a crappy job was nothing but a stop gap to finance days like this. this isn’t a Brain Farm production, and there are no hyper celebrities in this independent edit. It’s just a collection of friends that would rather snowboard morning, noon, and night, mountain or not, than be stuck watching re-runs of “Friends” while drinking hot tea and discussing the current events that play out on CNN. My speculation is that there are more fart jokes and high fives rather than political points and handshakes… and that is not at all a bad thing. This crew isn’t reinventing the wheel or changing the game, there just giving a little taste of their world as they see it.



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