Black Friday Responsibly
Black Friday Responsibly Written by Mike.S on November 26th, 2014

Black Friday has become somewhat of concern for the general population, and for good reason. Much like a hard night of drinking with friends, things can get a little messy and sometimes chippy if a stranger doesn’t like the cut of your jib… if you catch my drift (all nautical puns intended). Thus the title above- Black Friday Responsibly.

Some people just can’t handle themselves when they’re swimming in deals, so they tend to overreact, often times trampling others, punching, swearing and biting as seen on various News outlets (albeit biting is my own assumption). These are the folks who can’t “hold their alcohol,” so to speak, and they make it awkward for everyone else around them. They “black out.” Know that these folks are out there. Use this knowledge to your advantage. While most of these folks will be licking the storefront windows at midnight and possibly sooner on Thanksgiving, you can be hold up, DRINKING RESPONSIBLY with your closest friends and relatives. Relax, watch football, meditate… Do what you have to to clear your mind and bring you into a state of readiness for the events about to transpire. Lets face it, there is no way to avoid the chaos entirely, but we can all do our part subdue it and end up enjoying the experience, after all, people watching on such days can be magnificent!

Remember, Black Friday is suppose to be a good thing for all parties involved, that includes the retailers. We should all be on our best behavior. Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving, travel safe and give our love to Grandma and Grandpa. Cheers!

… Oh, one more thing, if you are one to froth at the mouth and lick storefront windows in anticipation of Black Friday, please take into consideration that this is a time of joy and an opportunity to practice good will toward all mankind. Nobody likes a biter. Black Friday responsibly. Double cheers!

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