Bike Commuting Gear at US Outdoor Written by Mike.G on December 8th, 2011

princeton tec swerve rearflasher

princeton tec swerve rearflasher

For years I’ve shopped US Outdoor for both urban and backcountry gear. However, I never knew they had what it took to suit up bike commuters. This past year I decided to start commuting to work. The ride is 23 miles, and I usually ride it one way three days a week. After I found a neat old one speed, I then started riding and realized that bike lighting, clothing, and storage were going to become issues I had to deal with. Then I started talking to the employees at US Outdoor. Many of them commute to work, and the store sells some of the best commuter gear around.

In terms of clothing, US outdoor has more options than any cycling store. The difference is that their gear is able to cross over to backpacking, hiking, or just urban wear. When I looked at cycling only stores, I found the clothes would not work for any other use, and often looked uniquely suited to only cycling. But at US Outdoor, my weather resistant pants and jacket are also perfect for use on the Mountain or Downtown. The wool layers I use are the same one’s I’ve been using for all seasons in the wilderness. In a very real way, it saves money to buy multifunctional clothing.

Light and Motion Urban-180

Light and Motion Urban-180

Bike front and rear lights must be capable of alerting cars that a bike is on the roadway. In the Pacific Northwest, this is complicated in winter because we have fog and rain, which make seeing bike lights even harder. US Outdoor carries two brands that have some of the best lighting products available; Princeton and Light & Motion. I use the Light and Motion 180 for my headlamp and the Princeton Tec Swerve LED rear flasher. Numerous times this year, I’ve had other cyclists comment on how bright they are. Light and Motion bike lights are really convenient because they recharge on your computer, or with an outlet. Additionally, they have an accurate battery meter to let you know when to recharge.

Chrome Soyuz Messenger Bag

Chrome Soyuz Messenger Bag

Finally, every commuter needs a messenger bag to carry repair kits, changes of clothes, work material, and lunch. The industry leader for weatherproof, bombproof bags is Chrome. US Outdoor has an entire wall committed to commuter bags. Stop in and ask the employees which bag is right for you. They not only use the products, but they also know all about the various styles available.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I started bike commuting this year after getting myself a This will be my first winter though, and I realized that I’m going to have to outfit myself with some better gear and lights than what I’ve been using. I’ll be sure to give these guys a look.

  2. Dee says:

    There are more people taking the “commute by bike” plunge…and being happier for it! Once I realized that I was willing to spend 6 hours on a ski slope, but not ride my bike for 15 minutes to get to work, I had a serious change of heart. Someone told me, there’s no bad weather for bike commuting, just the wrong clothing.


  3. Mike.G says:

    I still haven’t figured out how to perfectly manage moisture yet. I either get wet from sweat, or from rain. The best gear is a good attittude I think:)

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