Beyond Snow Sports Written by Mike.S on June 9th, 2014

The wide world of snow sports (skiing and snowboarding, specifically) is an arena that, historically, has tried to corral commonalities within their individual niches. Snowboarders will do as they do and the same goes for skiers; subtle nuances help keep each sports individuality, there’s no doubt about that, but just as a bad secret will eventually find new ears, so will the commonalities of each of these major sports leak out and bleed into one another as a wash of complimentary colors. It is a product of the present.

The analytics of the information age have discovered that “the niche” is having a difficult time confining skiers and snowboarders to their respected circles. Skiers aren’t just skiers and snowboarders aren’t just snowboarders. Weird. Apparently there are other interests that go beyond snow sports that everyone can share in equally, like art and music? There’s also surfing and skateboarding, camping and the overall pursuit of happiness derived from an addiction to adrenalin that put both sides on common ground. It’s not to pit one against the other, it’s just lives being lived. What a world!

At this point, you might be asking, why, why am I focusing on skiing and snowboarding and their relationship to one another now, it’s damn near summertime, you dummy? The answer is that there is a popular misconception hanging around that U.S. Outdoor is just a ski and snowboard specific shop. That is not entirely true. Yes, we do shoulder a business model that relies on snowfall, but if we were to focus on snow sports and snow sports alone, we would be doing the Pacific Northwest a great disservice. My point being, we know that there is more to an individual than just one or two planks. There is a lifestyle that reaches beyond snow sports that keeps us rooted on the banks of the same rushing river. A primitive heartbeat that drives us to take risks and live beyond our front doors. An aesthetic that puts us in close proximity, not entirely the same, but close enough to hi-five and clank brews around a fire; close enough to perch as the next set rolls through; close enough to posse up and roll through town on skateboards and beach cruisers. This is the glue that helps solidify a wonderful mosaic of individuals, not just those who ski and those who snowboard. So in the end, when you think of U.S. Outdoor, think beyond snow sports. For some of you this is anything but new. For others this is just a friendly heads up from your neighborhood outdoor retailer. Happy trails!

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