2nd Annual Oregon Splitfest Mt. Hood Oregon
2nd Annual Oregon Splitfest: Photo Recap Written by Mike.S on March 16th, 2013

The 2nd Annual Oregon Splitfest has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean its not still soaking on the sun drenched and snowy memory banks of those who participated. Then again, who could forget exploring Mt. Hood’s Newton Canyon on a beautiful bluebird weekend? Setting up shop at Charlies Mountain View in Government Camp, brands like Venture Snowboards, Jones Snowboards, Arbor Snowboards, Karakoram and Spark R&D Bindings provided the gear that would take riders into the backcountry while PCNW Representatives: Matt Baker (Jones Snowboards) and Scott Davis (Arbor Snowboards) along side Abe Gilreath (Naklin) and US Outdoor’s George Bean and Paul Srofe helped get riders outfitted and organized.

The Gathering

Folks met on a Friday night at Charlies to get set-up and situated for the weekend’s ensuing adventure… and then a raffle happened! While adventurers were busy meeting and greeting each other they were also taking home prizes that will further their splitboard futures. One lucky winner even took home a new Venture Snowboard. Chalk that up to a win!

Newton Canyon Adventure

Head count: Matt Baker, George Bean, Paul Srofe, Har Rai Khalsa (photographer), Bean Dickey (Mt. Hood Ski Patrol), Trevor Lane, Abe Gilreath, Haley Bergstrom and Scott Davis.

Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Splitfest The sun arose Saturday morning and blessed this litter of powder hounds with bluebird conditions. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting to go gallivanting through the Oregon backcountry. Hi fives were had, coffee was consumed. By 9am they were suited up and ready to roll out from Hood River Meadows to connect with the Newton Clark Moraine in search of fresh tracks and good times…

… And so the adventure begins.

Paul Srofe Oregon Splitfest Newton CanyonPictured to the right: Paul Srofe. Paul is a buyer here at US Outdoor and has been in and around the Pacific Northwest snowboard scene for many years. Look at his face as he chugs up the Newton Clark Moraine. That there my friends could be the Websters Dictionary definition of focus. He’s got hungry eyes ladies and gentlemen, and he’s going to get that first track.

Dressed down in his Airblaster Ninja Suit, a pair of sweet shades and a rocking mustache, Paul is ready to carve the proverbial turkey.

George Bean Abe Gilreath Newton CanyonNaturally, there comes a time in every adventure when the dogs start barking and you need to give them a little rest. Outings like Splitfest take a lot out of you, so you have to take some time to refuel so that you are in peak shape when you reach the top. Write that down. Anywho…

Pictured to the left (sitting on their duffs): George “Grizzly Adams” Bean and Abe Gilreath of Naklin. These two might differ tremendously in appearance but splitboarding helps mend the bridge. What transpired in the following moments is a beautiful thing that I will let speak for itself. Check it out…3…2…1…

US Outdoor Paul Srofe air into bowl Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Naklin Abe Gilreath air into bowl Newton Canyon Mt. Hood US Outdoor George Bean air into bowl Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Air into bowl Newton Canyon Mt. Hood US Outdoor Paul Srofe carving Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Oregon Naklin Abe Gilreath carve Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Oregon US Outdoor George Bean carve Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Oregon US Outdoor Haley Bergstrom Newton Canyon Mt. Hood Oregon

As you can see, the 2nd Annual Oregon Splitfest yielded some awesome results. A very special thanks to Geoff Guillory and NWAC for creating and presenting this event and to all the brands that participated and donated prizes. Make sure to tag along next year!

Newton Canyon carve Mt. Hood Oregon

All photos taken by and credited to Har Rai Khalsa

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