US Outdoor Surf Party!

Alright you salty dogs, US OUTDOOR is throwing a surf party and you all are invited! Head on down to the Triple Nickel (3646 SE Belmont) Sunday, August 12th, and get pitted in classic Hollywood surf cinema and live music while your favorite brands like: Volcom, Vans, Lib Tech, Xcel and more set up shop and host games with prize rewards. Grand Prize winner receives a Murdey Surfboard. You won’t want to miss this! The grill will be hot and the booze will be flowing like the mighty Mississippi. Don’t forget to dress appropriately!

Live music will be provide by: Don & The Quixotes and The Lonesome Billies. Together this lineup boasts an impressive resume of original 60’s surf and outlaw country tunes. The saloon doors will be swinging as the ocean breeze comes howling in. Check out Don & The Quixotes and The Lonesome Billies

US OUTDOOR Surf Party at Triple Nickel

What’s New: Black Diamond – Half Dome Helmet

Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet


If you’ve been around the outdoor block you understand that Black Diamond is no pony in a stud’s stable. Their brand has delivered head of the class, adventure driven products for climbing and skiing since their inception in 1957. With that much experience, outdoor enthusiasts can rest assured their interests are well preserved.

With that said, sometimes a product doesn’t have to be “new” to be new, if that makes any sense. I say this because the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet has been completely redesigned and now has a better fit and cuts weight without compromising safety. In the spirit of climbing adventures, every ounce counts and the right fit could mean the difference between life, serious injury and even death. I’m not trying to sound too dramatic but often times it helps to get the message across.

As Black Diamond’s most popular climbing helmet, the Half Dome spans the gamut of the climbing spectrum; from alpine climbing to cragging it helps lighten the load for adventurers partaking in a sport which relies on technique, speed, agility and mental toughness. Available in two sizes: SM/MD and MD/LG, the Half Dome weighs in at 290 g/10 oz for the Small/Medium size and 320g/11oz for the Medium/Large size and offers great features that personify safety, comfort, and performance. Its ABS Shell exterior is well ventilated and is outfitted with molded EPS foam for superior comfort and breathability. Lighten up (figuratively of course); its head lamp clips are a market best. Equipped with tuck-away suspension, the Half Dome became more pack friendly. Another key feature is its new custom design wheel adjuster that allows you to quickly and easily dial in a precise fit on the fly. Every feature plays a roll in delivering a seamless climbing experience.

In closing, come the inevitable critiques helmets receive in the style department. However unflattering climbing helmets might seem to some, they bear the heavy burden of keeping your think tank in full working order; although I must give the climbing community due credit when it comes to checking this sort of vanity at the door. But all that aside, it’s a helmet engineer/designer’s duty to keep you safe. With that said, you can bet they understand that designing a lightweight helmet with a great fit that allows the helmet to remain relatively inconspicuous while not making you look like a total goon is preferred. Thus, this Half Dome redesign is not gaudy or flashy; it does not scream fashion or leap out at you; it is just a great design that exemplifies the proper blend of form and function. Cheers!

Check out the Black Diamond Half Dome Climbing Helmet at, click here.


What’s New: Osprey Poco Series Child Carriers

Osprey Poco Series Child Carriers
Although I’m not a parent (only an uncle) I look at the Osprey Poco Series line of Child Carries and can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief for parents everywhere that love the outdoors and want to share the experience with their little lads and ladies. Now, I’m not saying Osprey is pioneering a whole new concept, seeing as there have been child carriers for some time now, but Osprey reinvents the child carrier for the outdoor enthusiast with their Poco Series. Every feature designed within these backpacks have been carefully thought out and constructed for both parents; features that include the Torso Length and Hipbelt adjustment, which allows both mother and father to bear the same pack and adjust to their comfort standards accordingly. HOORAY! Parents can now cut back on Ibuprofen expenses and time spent icing and heating and icing and heating; it’s a vicious cycle that I have seen parents endure. The Poco Series from Osprey is also as versatile as it is comfortable, with models like the Poco Premium and Poco Plus that feature a pull-out sunshade that is easy to operate, and other weather protection like the Poco Rain Cover (sold separately) made of 70d nylon ripstop fabric. Rain, snow, or sun shine, your outdoor adventure baby-bonding time will be met with a wealth of comfort and support. This Osprey line of backpacks is designed to keep parents on the path so that they may pass their mobile traditions on to the future explorers of the world. Cheers!