Alex Z., his wife and Dizzy moved to Portland two years ago from Chicago. He came to Oregon for the love of the outdoors. As a young man Alex became an Eagle Scout. This is where his passion for hiking, camping, and rafting began. One of his other passions is art. He has a B.F.A in glassblowing and sculpture. He has spent eleven years blowing glass all over the U.S. What he likes most about glassblowing is that it’s a strenuous activity with all the heat and weight of the glass. Alex believes that stress brings out the best in people. He originally came out here to blow glass, but his priorities shifted and the US Outdoor Store became a better fit. It gives him the flexibility to pursue his Masters in Education. Plus, at the US Outdoor Store we can bring our dogs to work. How could Alex and Dizzy resist.

Dizzy is a nine year old Australian Kelpie. Alex raised him from a pup. This breed is highly intelligent and has the need for lots of exercise. A perfect fit for Alex and his love for all things outdoors. Dizzy is his constant companion for hiking, camping, biking, even snowshoeing. Dizzy likes to barrel through the snow like a little torpedo with legs. He is in his element. One of Alex’s favorite memories was when Dizzy was still a pup and saw snow for the first time. He got so excited and started jumping in the air to catch the snowflakes. They spent hours on a trampoline they had in the yard bouncing and catching the snow.

Alex and Dizzy have criss crossed the country several times. Like Mad Max and his dog driving and having adventures throughout the countryside. Only without freaks in leather outfits trying to kill them. They have visited the Appalachian Mountains, the Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountains, and the Cascades Mountain ranges. One of Dizzy’s favorite things is water. Going through Colorado one day they stopped for a hike. Dizzy was having a great time splashing and swimming in some streams. Then he decided to jump in the Colorado River proper. It was a scary moment for Alex. But Dizzy, a professional, pulled it off.

Dizzy at the shop

As summer turns to fall; Alex and Dizzy’s favorite time of year, because winter is coming. You should come down to the shop and check out all our shop dogs, but make sure you go down to camping so you can meet Dizz the Fearless. Stay gold Dizzy.

Radventure RADtrospective: Have Board, Will Travel

After leaving Montana I made my way through North Idaho, passing some old family stomping grounds, visiting smoky bars, and being reminded that Affliction sells shirts. The area resorts had shut down earlier than usual, so there was no shredding to be had during this leg, just a long and boring road to travel through Washington and Oregon. At the end of that road, was Hood.

I got as far as Parkdale with a fellow Oregon shred blogger (Hillcrest), and got to stay with some old friends/coworkers from Mt Hood Meadows. The next day at Meadows was super fun, even though visibility was pretty rough and the storm had settled down quite a bit the day before. The snow didn’t look good, but it felt pretty good! It was a bit strange seeing Hood so bare, but in looking at the positive aspects, I was loving the abundance of stumps to bonk. I’ve been on an amazing trip and got some good days in, at awesome places, but that’s not to say that there weren’t things I missed about Hood (at all 3 resorts). One of those things was Shooting Star Ridge. I even managed to get a face shot in the trees, a hot commodity this season.

While riding down to Portland with another good friend and former coworker (whom I coincidentally met through ridesharing), I was reminded of the sheer beauty that our part of Oregon can exhibit. I travel an outrageous amount, and part of traveling (at least in my experience, but if you’re reading a US Outdoor blog I would assume you feel the same) is loving where you call home, and loving the act of returning to it. Passengering down 26 with a road soda in hand, I was blown away by the vibrancy of the imagery surrounding me, which started with lush greenery and gave way to the improved men to women ratio (a big improvement on the 15 to 1 world I’d been living in during recent months).

After barely being in Portland for 36 hours, I was off again. This time to LA for a small film festival (this is a piece I did for it last year). Even though I missed Portland so, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to travel for free, and booked my return out of SF. Though I’ve been skateboarding every day instead of snowboarding every day, the key elements are the same: travel and friendship. I’m in the city now instead of up in the mountains, but I’m still crashing in precarious places and living what I would call the dream.

Looking back on this trip, I’m reminded of a value that I have known often and hold very dear- The value of travel. My sanity would be lost to me without it. I’ve always been one who’s proud to have friends across multiple states and countries. I would be nothing without the people I surround myself with, and my trip would have sucked without those people. Thanks to all my awesome friends involved, and thanks to US Outdoor, Poler Stuff, Smith Optics, Tubbs Snowshoes, and Lensbaby for supporting me on my journey and helping to ensure that my trip did everything but suck. I may have missed out on some of the resorts and some of the activities I had in my original plan, due to less than average snow, but I had a blast and enjoyed writing about it. All things considered, I’d say 40-50 days on my snowboard and travel through 6 states in under 3 months qualifies as a successful journey. Thanks for reading!


We here at US OUTDOOR would like to wish all of you a HAPPY CHRISMA-HANU-QUANZA-CA (more commonly referred to as Happy Holidays)! As we count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds leading up to Christmas and on through to the New Year, we can rejoice in the fact that we survived “THE APOCALYPSE.” But however anti-climactic this last ‘Doomsday’ scenario was, we should all take a step back and honor those around us, even if they are a “Grinch” or Ebeneezer Scrooge. With that said, I’ll try not to dip into the same proverbial ink that scripts out every Hallmark card… I’ll keep it short and sweet:

To you, the patrons of US OUTDOOR,

THANK YOU. Honestly, we (US OUTDOOR) wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your continual support and willingness to put up with our antics. Your patronage allows each and every one of us shop employees to make a living, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



Burton / US Outdoor Collaboration

A longstanding and healthy business relationship with Burton has its perks, like when they recently approached us here at US Outdoor with a collaboration proposal. Naturally our ears perked up and when all was said and done they rewarded us (along with a select number of shops across the US) with a package that includes the Parkitech Snowboard, Ambush Boots and Malavita EST Bindings; three big freestyle players in Burton’s 2013 product line all dressed in the US Outdoor shop logo.

The Parkitech Snowboard

Burton Parkitech Snowboard US Outdoor LogoLets take a gander at the Burton Parkitech Snowboard, it is as precise as you can get when it comes to dissecting park terrains through focused feature calculations. It is normally part of Burton’s Restricted line but this collaboration is a special exception to the rule. With Jeremy Jones and Zak Hale behind the desk plugging park equations into the computer, the Parkitech is sure to be spot on. Its Off-Axis Squeezebox provides park specific flex that dials in unique tweak, thus maximizing the fun you have in the park. Combined with traditional camber and the paramount pop of Jumper Cables, the control and liveliness of the this Parkitech will keep your freestyle future bright. Check out the Parkitech Snowboard here.

The Malavita EST Bindings

Burton Malavita EST Bindings US Outdoor LogoThe freestyle makeup of the Malavita is derived from a potent blend of tech features that jibe well with us here at the shop, and their comfort is second to none. Starting with the EST Baseplate construction and down through the Asym Ankle straps and Gettagrip Cap straps, the Malavitat Bindings allow you to get more from your bindings without suffocating your feet. They are lighter and have incredible board feel and flex for you freestyle heads out there. Designed with The Channel in mind, these bindings provide infinite stance options and comfort. Check out the Malavita Bindings here.

The Ambush Boots

US Outdoor Burton Ambush Boots Finishing off the well rounded freestyle package are the Ambush Boots. Pop, flex and support form like Voltron and create a pair of boots that are as comfortable as they are light, and they are pretty damn light. Nobody likes a clunky pair of boots. They are stacked with features like Speed Zone Lacing and Shrinkage Footprint Reduction technology that get your fit dialed in. Check out the Ambush Boots here.

2012 Ski Fever & Snowboard Show!

Hey all! Just a friendly reminder to come out and visit the US Outdoor crew at this years 2012 Ski Fever and Snowboard Show, November 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the Portland Expo Center. We will have great deals on skis, snowboards, outerwear and more. Get 2012-2013 winter gear at the lowest prices as well as closeout gear and demo equipment. Don’t forget to banter with our knowledgeable sales staff, too! These powder hounds are well versed in the product we sell and will get you laced up and ready to sniff out every powder stash, slash all terrain and butter every muffin in the park. For more information visit See you soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to do your snow dances! Here is a little inspiration…