Labor Day Weekend – Things to do in Oregon

Labor Day is fastly approaching, and for some of you it’s the last hurrah of the summer. So let’s go out with a bang.

Labor Day, or the working man’s holiday, was first proposed by labor union leader Peter Maguire in 1882. It was celebrated in New York City on September 5th of that year. It gained popularity across the nation in 1884, and in 1887 Oregon became the first state to legislate Labor Day as a holiday. I guess we really were Trailblazers. In 1894 Congress follow suit and declared the first Monday in September a legal holiday. Why the first Monday in September? It was halfway between Independence day and Thanksgiving. Clever. Oh, and by the way, you can’t wear white after Labor Day. This means you Michael. Here are some things you should consider doing Labor Day weekend.

Nothing says summer like floating the river. When I was a teenager every year we had the “Unboat Race” in August. It was the highlight of the summer. We would make the Unboat, which was basically a deck on inner tubes, the day and night before the race. Then at the crack of dawn we would haul it down to the river and put in. Boiled down, it was a great excuse to hang out with pretty girls in bikinis. I know, a little creepy, but give me a break here, I was a dork with a mullet, it was one of the few chances I had to hang out with girls.

There are plenty of places to float in Oregon, but you must have the basics. First, the float tube. You could go old school and get a dirty old inner tube, or you could up your game and get a float tube with a backrest and beverage holders like this one; Airhead Fiji Float Chair. For a bald guy like me I usually wear a booney hat to protect my dome from the sun, but when it’s hot out I end up taking it off. The resulting peeling on my head looks something like a reptilian/alien hybrid. Not pretty. You should bring along some sunscreen. Some type of water shoe is a must. You could wear a pair of old tennis shoes, but they fill up with water and tend to weigh you down. Flip flops would be gone a in minute. I prefer Chaco’s or Teva’s, they stay on your feet, have good traction, and work great in the water and on land. Plus you’ll look cool with the criss cross tan lines on your feet.

Sandy River

One of the best rivers to float is the Sandy. It’s close to Portland, slow and does not have a lot of rapids. There are many public beaches along the way and lots of houses, so you will have some company to give cheers to. The best route is Dabney State Recreation Area to Lewis and Clark State Recreation Site.

Clackamas River

The Clackamas River is a little more adventurous. It has more rapids than the Sandy, and it’s more secluded. The most popular launch is from Milo McIver State Park. Here you can float down to Barton Park or Carver Park.

Deschutes River

The Deschutes River is one of my favorite places to fly fish, and depending on where I am on the river I see a lot of people floating or rafting. Plus, if you launch in the town of Bend there’s lots of things to do, including visiting the many breweries Bend has to offer. This link will give you the skinny on floating the Deschutes from Bend. I know it’s cliche, but “Float On.”


One of my favorite lakes in the Mt. Hood National Forest is Timothy Lake. It’s probably my favorite because I’ve actually caught fish here. It has everything to offer, including; camping, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, you get the picture. Plus it has an awesome view of Mt. Hood. Can I still say “Awesome”. When I was a kid we said “Rad”. Now I know I can’t say that.

Oregon State Fair

You could also head to Salem for the Oregon State Fair. It starts August 25th through September 4th. What can I say about the Oregon State Fair. Weird fried foods, plenty of adult beverages, and hoping you don’t blow chunks on one of the many rides they have to offer. There are also plenty of concerts. To name a few; Dwight Yokum, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Eddie Money, and if you want to relive the “Caddyshack” soundtrack, Kenny Loggins will be there. What I like about that movie besides the dancing gopher, are the names of the cast. Ty Webb, Al Czervik, Dr. Beeper, Judge Smails, and my favorite – Lacey Underall. And for the kids there are over forty carnival rides. There are also Pig Races, Mmmmm bacon, Pony Rides, and a petting zoo with a wide assortment of baby animals; deer, ducks, wallabies, and miniature donkeys. It wouldn’t be a state fair if there wasn’t a pie eating contest. Count me out. Remember that scene in the movie “Stand by Me”, boy that was rough. I know, two movie references in one blog, but indulge me. Anyway you should check it out.

-written by usoutdoor employee C.Tyrell

Top 13 Sunglasses for 2013

Face it. You never find out what happened to your sunglasses from the previous year. So let them hang out wherever it is that old shades go in peace, and turn your attention to finding a new pair with which to stomp those sunbeams. Gaze upon this top baker’s dozen of visionary shades in order to enjoy an optical experience that can’t be vanquished by even the sun’s most powerful rays.
Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses
Out of a vat of fashionable functionality explodes the Von Zipper Elmore Sunglasses. The way these bad boys blend classic style, bold colors and an ability to protect your peepers is flawless. One look and you will have plenty of reasons to adorn your face with Von Zipper’s masterpiece known as Elmore and nothing more.

Ashbury Slide Machine Sunglasses
Scope the scene and keep it clean with the Ashbury Slide Machine shades. These sunglasses refuse to do anything but lean on a laid-back look that is loaded with the ability to defend your eyes against all kinds of harmful rays. Clear vision and masterful craftsmanship give the Slide Machine the edge necessary to dominate all the other wannabes.

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

Oakley worked closely with Shaun White to unleash their Holbrook Sunglasses and the result has landed this pair on the list for a myriad of merits. Not only do they pack the performance necessary to put a premium optical experience on lockdown, but they also exude a style that transcends time and is straight up undeniably legit.

Electric Knoxville Sunglasses
Crafted with Italian styling and bred with classic fashion, the Electric Knoxville Sunglasses exude a confidence all their own. Hard lines and timeless traits highlight this set and give you every reason to rely on them as your go-to pair when looking slick is critical.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

No best-of list is complete without a stunning set of Aviators, and Ray-Ban does them like no other. The design that started a timeless trend is immortalized in a classic frame that never fails to look legit. While they were originally designed for the military, the Ray-Ban Aviators have never stopped doing battle against nasty sunrays while constantly delivering a surplus of style.

Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses
It doesn’t get any cleaner than the Spy Dirty Mo Sunglasses. These streamlined shades are custom built with the best Propionate on the planet and jacked up on 100% UV protection so that visual clarity is at a premium in this performance sport model.

Smith Serpico Sunglasses

Immersed in an ageless silhouette, the distinguished Smith Serpico Sunglasses unload a bold look along with phenomenal coverage. Futuristic lens technology and expertly cast frames combine forces to bring you a pair that has got it all going on.

Dot Dash Poseur Shades

The Neff Daily Sunglasses and Dot Dash Poseur shades both make Neff Daily Shadesthe list based on the fact that they have something for everyone. Pleasing price points and plentiful color options are guaranteed to make your face pop with pizzazz and a genuine smile as you ooze attitude and sling style.

Julbo Micropore Sunglasses

If a pair of glacier glasses is to make the cut, it has to be the Julbo Micropore Sunglasses. Offering an outrageous amount of protection and the most amazing visible light reduction, these mountaineering shades do absolute work. You can expect the highest level of performance from the Julbo Micropore Sunglasses, because they never fail to deliver.

Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses
Did someone say Breakfast at Tiffany’s? The Ray Ban Erika has a sweet, sophisticated style that has Audrey Hepburn and New York City written all over it. The resin frames have a gummy texture and smooth colors, accentuated by contrasting stems and matching ear pieces. The composite lenses are designed to provide excellent optical clarity and protect against 100 percent of harmful UV rays. All of this smooth style is backed by the Ray Ban name; an industry leader in top-of-the-line eyewear. Come get the look that is totally uptown and cool as ice (the one that’s measured in carats) with the Ray Ban Erika Sunglasses.

Paul Frank Sugarette Sunglasses

Become the sweetest ocular treat in town with the women’s Paul Frank Sugarette Sunglasses. Capable of turning heads on every corner and shutting down nasty sun beams, there is no reason not to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar with the Sugarettes.

IVI Daggerwing Sunglasses

Finally, take a stab at soaring style with the women’s IVI Daggerwing Sunglasses. Carl Zeiss lends his legendary lenses to these elegant beauties so that you get all the visionary protection and jaw-dropping good looks that you deserve every time you slip on the Daggerwing shades.
So, there they are. Take your pick of the best and get out there to fully enjoy that sunshine.

By Jennifer Frost

What’s New: Vonzipper Sunglasses – The Frosteez Collection

The Vonzipper Frosteez Collection

Vonzipper aims to “COOL” it down a bit with their new Frosteez Collection; a series of limited edition designs that can be described as a culmination of confidence. Arriving in time for the dog days of summer, the Frosteez Collection supplements your visual sustenance with a heavy dose of innovative styles derived from the foundations of perennial contenders. Sounds great doesn’t it? My words might sound a bit embellished but my approach is simply to put you in the Vonzipper mood… and I’m also listening to Wu Tang. Moving on…

The Snark

This Vonzipper design whispers a snide remark in the ears of those who clutch to conventionalism and scoff at progressive realities. This means only that the VZ Snark is not for the stylishly conservative; unless you are willing to be inspired. Their Nylon grilamid frame with stainless steel optical hinges harbor a base 6 spherical lens for optimized visual clarity, comfort and style; so far so sharp; so fresh and so clean. You get the idea. The Vonzipper Snark Sunglasses are meant to be worn with confidence, no second guessing.

The Elmore

The Vonzipper Elmore Sunglasses pay homage to the heavy hitters of old while maintaining their own modern identity. Their design proves that we can move forward by looking to the past. Much like the Snark mentioned above, the Elmore carries a level of confidence that surpasses the norm. Dressed with an impact resistant base 6 spherical lens and stainless steel optical hinges, the 100% UV protected Elmore offers stunning visuals. The view from the outside looking in isn’t too bad either.

The Cletus

The Cletus Sunglasses have a design that commands respect. Their frame resembles a pair of aviators cross bred with the Elmore and raised by the son of Pablo Escobar. In short, these Vonzipper sunglasses cue the slow-motion with every entrance; you just have to pick the sound track and party. Life is easy. Your eyes will be at ease too while looking through the 100% UV protected lens. Complimented with subtle flair and well thought out design, the Vonzipper Cletus sunglasses instantly up your style points.

In closing, there is a thin red line that separates confidence from arrogance; the Vonzipper Frosteez Collection offers an amplified aesthetic without going overboard… although you wouldn’t come to that conclusion from the photo above.

What’s [brand] New: IVI Eyewear

From professional skateboarding to entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek treads a path that is both flamboyant and diligent. His operation: DYRDEK ENTERPRISES INC is home to such prominent brands as: DC Shoes, Monster, Alien Workshop, and most recently, IVI Sunglasses. You can bet that this new outlet will leave no stone unturned. By invoking the aesthetic derived from today’s skate/street culture, a culture of which Dyrdek knows all too well, and the presence of lens wizard Carl Zeiss, IVI Eyewear toes the mark and aims to please its patrons through an homage of form and flawless function.

The Giving

It is a nice gesture: giving. In most cases it is more rewarding than receiving. Though, in the case of the IVI Giving Sunglasses, it is better to receive the style and optical clarity it offers. Its nylon frame is outfitted with forged aluminum temple tips and Carl Zeiss Vision premium lenses. On the streets the Giving personifies a “back to the future” approach with its retro roots and progressive detailing. Doc Brown would definitely wear a pair, whereas Marty is more of a Diving kind of guy…

The Diving

For the sake of obvious tag lines; dive head first into the IVI Diving Sunglasses. No, they are not for swimming, although you’ll be swimming in style. Had enough? Good. Getting down to business the Diving is a modern take on aviators. Rigid lines and hand made premium acetate temple tips compliment the semi rimless nickel frame that keeps the Carl Zeiss Vision Premium Lenses in position for prime visuals. Say it with me now: PRIME VISUALS. Your eyes will thank you for the optically correct line of sight and others will thank you for looking good.

The Jiving

Remember Locs? Made famous by resting on the faces of NWA’s Eazy E, Locs became a staple of the west coast rap game, and these IVI Jiving sunglasses jibe well in the spirit of their design. Now, even if there were no correlation between the two in the development stages, the thick frame style says otherwise… and that’s not a bad thing. You can’t help but be a boy in the hood with more style than a fresh El Camino rollin kilo G. That’s what you get with the IVI Jiving Sunglasses: Street Cred.

When all is said and done, and all lyrics delivered, US OUTDOOR is proud to carry this new line of IVI Sunglasses. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship and style should go a long way. You can check out the rest of this impressive new IVI line at US OUTDOOR. Cheers!

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