Volcom: Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Jacket

Although the sun still shines, this is the time of year when your local shop becomes inundated with their fall and winter orders. Which means shops will be playing Tetris with their current season items to make room for 2012 snowboard equipment and snowboard jackets like the Volcom Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Jacket.

If you live here in the Pacific Northwest you understand that the snow isn’t going to be the driest or the fluffiest, hence the term “Northwest Concrete”. So you need a waterproof snowboard jacket that will weather the wet and heavy snowfall that accumulates on our mountains. Check out the Volcom Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Jacket here. Available in: Black, Brown, and Camo print, the Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Jacket rolls in with a tech savvy design and style that wastes no time alleviating the damp misery that plaques inadequate snowboard clothing; it is the apogee of form and function and the natural outcome whenever Volcom and Gore-Tex join forces. In other words, this Volcom Jacket will crush any winter bombardment and look good doing it. Game. Set. Match.

But why stop there? The Atlantic Storm Jacket stacks the cherries on top with features like Face Tech (built in face mask) and Zip tech (jacket to pant interface) peppered into the design to further thwart the pummeling powers that be, making it an integral piece for anyone who snowboards 100+ days in the depths of the Pacific Northwest. Splice in mesh-lined pit zips to keep you from over heating and a Noise Pocket to keep the Iron Maiden flowing and you have yourself one hell of a jacket. So if you’re serious about snowboarding, the Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Snowboard Jacket is a worthy buy. It won’t be the cheapest, but it will be a great investment that will keep you dry for a long time.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Volcom video above to see the Atlantic Storm Gore-Tex Jacket in action.

Airblaster Presents: Home Runs with Tim Eddy

Airblaster is continually dressing our eyeballs with content that encourages us to look at snowboarding from a different perspective. So it is only natural that Home Runs with Tim Eddy be as wholesome and fun as the fresh ingredients they put on their pizzas. Beyond the Pizza Party, Tim Eddy and friends stay wild on mount hood with the kids from camp who just ate their pizza. Watch the cycle run full circle in the new webisode ‘Home Runs With Tim Eddy’ presented by Airblaster. Enjoy!

Holden Headquarters moves from Portland to Los Angeles

It’s official, according to a press release issued by the company, Holden Outerwear will be uprooted from Portland, Oregon and transplanted into the L.A. landscape in an attempt to expand the brand and make it a true 4 season entity.

Although it we will be sad to see this locally grown company relocate, this move does not surprise me. The form and function of Holden Outerwear has been at the head of the class with designs that have helped their outerwear crossover from snowsports into progressive fashion and lifestyle and it seems as though Holden founders are just following the natural progression of their company.

“Having spent the past ten years in Portland making the best snow products, this move is an exciting way to extend the Holden experience outside of our focus on the winter lifestyle and into year-round goods. LA is going to be about new energy, new products and new friendships.” Mikey LeBlanc

Well, we here at US Outdoor wish Holden success in their expansion and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new launch in 2014!