Whats New: Nike Skate Shoes with Lunarlon Technology

The search for the most technical skate shoe that doesn’t resemble a space boot has found itself resting on the feet of Nike Skateboarding pro, Eric Koston. Oddly enough the technology that outfits his new Nike shoe with greatness IS a space age, lightweight and responsive cushioning material known as Lunarlon. So technically it’s closer to a moon walking shoe than any other but it is simple in aesthetic and offers the right amount of style.

Seeing as Nike is not your average bear when it comes to net worth, they have the resources to develop a pair of skate shoes like the Erik Koston pro model with technology derived from the observation of astronauts i.e. Lunarlon. If Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong could skateboard they would wear Nikes with Lunarlon. That’s a no-brainer.

That being said, the Lunarlon technology offers skaters something that not only cushions the impact of a large double set, it also lightens the shoe, making it more dexterous and easy to skate in. Think of this new Eric Koston Pro Model shoe as if it were Manny Pacquiao; renowned professional boxer prized as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, arguably. He carries more strength with less weight, thus rounding out the comparison. I could have just said they are lighter and stronger, 30% lighter than Phylon foam to be exact, but that wouldn’t be very interesting.

Moving on, when you consider where skateboarding is today compared to where it was a decade ago, you begin to grasp the necessity of a shoe that offers a lightweight and sturdy construction like Nike and Lunarlon. The progression of skateboarding is pushing skaters to go bigger. Barring any attempt by Erik Koston to jump the Snake River Canyon, he should be good to go with his new kicks.

Check out Lunarlon Technology in the Nike Eric Kosten Skate Shoe and the Paul Rodriguez Skate Shoe at USOutdoor.com.

Whats New: Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser

Oh the dog days of summer are but months away and as April showers bring May flowers we hit the city streets with four wheels blazing. New here at US Outdoor is the Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser! Over the past few years there has been a shift in momentum and trick stick companies have begun exploring new avenues of deck design graphed from the retro fitted function of today’s modern culture.

In their own words – “Stereo’s Vinyl Series Cruisers were inspired by three things: music, skateboarding and fun.” A potent blend if you ask me; made of vinyl to appease the gods of music, these skates act as a conduit of fun as well as a time travel device for the founding fathers of Stereo Skateboards; Jason Lee and Chris Pastras who wanted to “re-trace their steps” so to speak by bringing back what is deep seeded in skateboarding’s origins as well as their own; the “Banana Board.”

The Stereo Vinyl Series Skateboard; packaged with a matching pair of shades, Stereo decals and laced with decades of sidewalk surfing gusto helps bring us back to a time when skateboarding was much more than what is being broadcast on ESPN or the X Games or the Dew Tour. Instead these skates populate the streets upon the feet of California Dreamers everywhere that wish not to land the first 1080 in competition, but to feel the concrete rushing under them. Their throwback banana board inspired design is fully equipped with trucks, wheels and bearings that hit the city streets with a fervent lust for speed and freestyle flavor; setting forth an ideal that was almost long forgotten in the skateboarding world; fun without fame! In this world there are no “sponsor me” videos and there will be no “focusing” your board, just a crew of friends out for a summer cruise that won’t leave you shipwrecked off the coast of Italy. Origin of obscure shipwrecked reference, click here.

Check out the Stereo Vinyl Series Skateboard at USOUTDOOR.COM.

Makaha Skateboards Founder Larry Stevenson Dies at Age 81

Larry Stevenson Makaha Skateboards Founder

Larry Stevenson, founder of Makaha Skateboards and an integral piece in the development of skateboarding in the 60’s, has passed away at the age of 81; leaving in his wake a crack in the Concrete Wave. He was an early pioneer of professional skateboards and helped bridge the gap between the surf and skate scene in Venice Beach; a gap that has held strong for half a century. During an era in which free speech, love and self expression took hold, Larry Stevenson sought to improve skateboard design from the comforts of his own garage; a common place where some of the most successful companies have started. It didn’t take long for his surf inspired skates to hit the streets; clay wheels and better trucks made it easier to shred the Concrete Wave and, to this day, skateboards give free spirited athletes an outlet to tap into the culture that started it all. Therefore, it is our duty to pay homage to those like Makaha founder, Larry Stevenson, who helped pave the wave so that our youthful spirits could live on.