Dylan Hood – 2014 Best Powder Award Winner

US Outdoor team rider, Dylan Hood, was in the spotlight at the 2014 Powder Awards as he along with Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, and Colter Hinchcliffe, won Powder Magazine’s ‘Best Powder’ award for their parts in ‘Way Of Life,’ the latest ski epic from TGR. Dylan holds a multitude of sponsors and we here at US Outdoor are stoked to have him on our side.

Check out Dylan Hood, ripping switch lines in the ‘Behind The Line’ video below, brought to you by TGR.

Behind the Line – Dylan Hood: Ripping Switch… by TetonGravityResearch

Powder Magazine: Powder Week – Day 3

Jackson Hole Resort has played host to Powder Magazine for their 2012 Powder Week! As affirmed by Lindsey, Powder Week has been what every skier could hope for: a massive amount of powder, good times, great people, and a little footage to make us all jealous of their exploits. Thank you Powder Magazine for keeping our winter hearts warm.

Powder Magazine Presents: Powder Week 2012 – Day 2

It’s Powder Magazine’s Powder Week in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The conditions are on point for this week long powder bender and from the looks of it, Day 1 shaped up nicely for Bennie Wilson and company. Here’s a look into day 2 as Powder Magazine Editor Derek Taylor takes us all on a tour through the snow laden landscape of Jackson Hole Resort. Please take a moment and let the awesome terrain sink into retinas. *DISCLAIMER: The viewing of Powder Magazine’s Powder Week Day 2 edit will leave your pupils dilated and for approximately 1min and 15sec you will transcend into a euphoric state of consciousness. You’re welcome.


Powder Magazing Presents: Powder Week

Bennie Wilson is excited, why? Because in Jackson Hole, it’s Powder Magazine’s: Powder Week 2012! 50″ are set to drop and Bennie Wilson and friends along with Powder Magazine will be skiing to their hearts content in some of the greatest terrain known to man. With that much snow set to fall on Powder Week, who wouldn’t be as excited as Bennie? Although jealousy has set in on my end, I wish Bennie, Powder Magazine, and the rest of those skiing in Jackson Hole during Powder Week, happy tracks! May they be as fresh and as tasty as a Nestle Toll-house chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven.