Black Friday

(Cue the theme music to “Jaws”)

Thanks to wikipedia, we can read about the origins of Black Friday and its name, here. Reading about it makes the term more palatable. Let’s face it, without any explanation, “Black Friday” sounds more like a day of mourning or a horror movie. The tone doesn’t seem too inviting; nor can you expect the reports of people getting trampled at the mall or fighting over ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ dolls to put people at ease. Anywho. All nightmare scenarios aside, Black Friday is a day for the proactive. It isn’t for the faint of heart; it takes thick skin and true grit to make it through Black Friday on an even keel. We here at US Outdoor understand that and would like to offer our hand in making your Black Friday experience a good one. Come on in and get geared up for this winter!

There will be deals on your favorite brands: Patagonia, Burton, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Anon, Smith Optics, Smartwool, Icebreaker and Hot Chilis as well as additional savings on outlet items!

… Also, there have been reports that folks are now camping outside of department stores instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner. However crazy that seems, if you are so inclined to do so, here is a link to our tents and sleeping bags. Happy hunting.

US Outdoor Black Friday Sale Poster

Pre Season Rep Day Sale! October 19th – 20th

The Rep Day Sale is upon us! October 19th and 20th to be exact…

The  reps have come out of hibernation and are hitting the road, giving us the ins and outs of their products so that we can get you into the gear that is best suited for you, literally and figuratively. But why not experience their knowledge, first hand? Not to take anything away from our shop guys- What I am saying is that there aren’t many opportunities throughout the year where you have the reps from all your favorite brands posted up in the same place at the same time and filling you in on all the juicy details. Not that they are gossip girls or anything like that. This isn’t Comic Con. Although there are a few of the reps (who will be in attendance) that like to nerd out on Comic Con. Again, that isn’t a bad thing. Some reps like comics and super heroes and some like football… but we all love skiing and snowboarding. Game. Set. Match.

US Outdoor Pre Season Rep Day Sale

Burton Lil Buddy Cooler Bag: US Outdoor Product Video

Aloha, Dudes! Though many of us won’t find a white sandy beach any time soon, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy each and every day like we have our feet dug deep into the sand. Hidden within the Burton Lil Buddy Cooler Bag, summer vibes come to life, literally.

The magical lives of Willie and Jeremy come with little to no responsibility other than to make sure you party right. They go wherever the Lil Buddy goes; they are two lil’ buddies in a Lil’ Buddy Bag. Their summer vibes camp out and awake each and every time this Burton Cooler Bag is opened…

Burton / US Outdoor Collaboration

A longstanding and healthy business relationship with Burton has its perks, like when they recently approached us here at US Outdoor with a collaboration proposal. Naturally our ears perked up and when all was said and done they rewarded us (along with a select number of shops across the US) with a package that includes the Parkitech Snowboard, Ambush Boots and Malavita EST Bindings; three big freestyle players in Burton’s 2013 product line all dressed in the US Outdoor shop logo.

The Parkitech Snowboard

Burton Parkitech Snowboard US Outdoor LogoLets take a gander at the Burton Parkitech Snowboard, it is as precise as you can get when it comes to dissecting park terrains through focused feature calculations. It is normally part of Burton’s Restricted line but this collaboration is a special exception to the rule. With Jeremy Jones and Zak Hale behind the desk plugging park equations into the computer, the Parkitech is sure to be spot on. Its Off-Axis Squeezebox provides park specific flex that dials in unique tweak, thus maximizing the fun you have in the park. Combined with traditional camber and the paramount pop of Jumper Cables, the control and liveliness of the this Parkitech will keep your freestyle future bright. Check out the Parkitech Snowboard here.

The Malavita EST Bindings

Burton Malavita EST Bindings US Outdoor LogoThe freestyle makeup of the Malavita is derived from a potent blend of tech features that jibe well with us here at the shop, and their comfort is second to none. Starting with the EST Baseplate construction and down through the Asym Ankle straps and Gettagrip Cap straps, the Malavitat Bindings allow you to get more from your bindings without suffocating your feet. They are lighter and have incredible board feel and flex for you freestyle heads out there. Designed with The Channel in mind, these bindings provide infinite stance options and comfort. Check out the Malavita Bindings here.

The Ambush Boots

US Outdoor Burton Ambush Boots Finishing off the well rounded freestyle package are the Ambush Boots. Pop, flex and support form like Voltron and create a pair of boots that are as comfortable as they are light, and they are pretty damn light. Nobody likes a clunky pair of boots. They are stacked with features like Speed Zone Lacing and Shrinkage Footprint Reduction technology that get your fit dialed in. Check out the Ambush Boots here.

Chill Foundation Fund Raiser – Friday March 23rd

Chill Foundation Fundraiser Migration Brewing Co

Migrate to the Migration Brewing Co. (2828 Northeast Glisan Street Portland, OR 97232) where The Chill Foundation will be hosting a fund raiser to raise money for under privileged urban youth so that they too may enjoy the mountain’s bounty. In their own words, “The Chill Foundation works to provide opportunities for at-risk and under-served youth by building self-esteem and life skills though board sports.” They had me at “hello.” Along side the Chill Foundation, a laundry list of awesome sponsors that includes: Burton Snowboards, K2 Snowboarding, Airblaster, Skullcandy, Electric Goggles, Oregon Surf Adventures, One Ball Jay, Commonwealth Skateboarding, Portland Timbers, Timberline, 2nd Wind Sports, Maple XO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry and US Outdoor will be there in support of and to represent all the young adventurers that wish to better themselves and shred the fresh and jib the best terrains around. There will be live music, an art show, copious amounts beer (duh) with happy hour prices all night, and a plethora of gear to be raffled off! The question is, how do you NOT have fun? That question is of course rhetorical as it is impossible not to have fun looking at art while listening to live music and more importantly donating to a noble cause. If you have other plans, change them, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Live music:
The Lonesome Billies (door swinging, whiskey drinking, outlaw tunes)
Strike Me Dead

Annie Mcghaughlin
Kyle Leeser
Jonah Porter
Nathan Stang


Burton 2013 Sneak Peek

Although the 2012 season is far from over, we at US Outdoor would like to give you a small glimpse (via SIA) into the 2013 Burton product line, which, in Jake Burton’s words, “… is shaping up to be iconic.” That statement is both literal and figurative with select pieces in the line dedicated to the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, whose iconography throughout past decades have shaped the minds of free thinkers AND terrified conservatives everywhere. Amongst the icons, Burton looks to develop some new stars while combing the lineage of their rich history. From their “Family Tree” line of boards dedicated to fresh lines and powder to an awesome collaboration with Red Wing Shoes, seen here:

Burton Redwing Rover Boot

Redwing Rover Boot

Redwing Rover Boot

Inspired by true craftsmanship (an art that has somewhat faded with the passing of our fathers), the rough and rugged “Rover” boot is as sophisticated as it is tough. The combination of Red Wing Leather and a Vibram outsole hits home like a strong handshake with a cold beer to chase it.  Other solid features like Rad Pads and EST bring comfort to the forefront of the riding experience, thus completing the harmonious circle of form and function, because out here you don’t work in flip flops!



Burton Easy Livin Snowboard

Easy Livin Snowboard

Easy Livin Snowboard

If there were any significant icon that registers “easy living” in the brain, it would probably have to do with the Grateful Dead. Behold, the 2013 Easy Livin Snowboard! This mind melter is the personification of two lifestyles that represent fun and fanaticism. For any “Dead Head” that breathes the fresh mountain air this board and its plethora of features tour the vast terrains of our world in search of good times and Easy Livin.


TWC Pro Snowboard

TWC Pro Snowboard

TWC Pro (Camber done White, as stated by Burton)

Though Rick Solomon might not resemble Shaun White in any way, shape, or form, he does however hold Shaun White’s new TWC Pro model with pride… and a look that captures the bewildering nature of its awesomeness? All signs point to yes. The TWC Pro Snowboard enters the realm of psychedelic futurism where rock and roll still coexist beautifully like snow and mountain; with its traditional camber capturing what it’s like to slay the dragon.