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Our winter has been lackluster to say the least, and as much as it pains us to see Mt. Hood still reporting low snow conditions you cannot help but anticipate cherry blossoms and roses taking over our city. Our Spring shipments are beginning to arrive, and they have us buzzing for long-term warmer weather on the horizon. It may be a classic Pacific Northwest, “February Fake-out” but we decided in the spirit of sunshine we would offer a sneak peak of some of our Spring collection for this week’s Thursday Threads.

Let’s just take a moment to cherish the Birkenstock God’s. They are durable, ergonomically suited for your foot, and making a wild comeback in the fashion world. I’ve always stayed loyal to my Birks and I’m glad to see them making an appearance in high fashion left and right over the past few years. New to USO this season, we are thrilled to be teaming up with Birkenstock. Portland seems to be pretty stoked about our new sandal line as well with how quickly they are flying off the shelves.


Stark white is kind of a big deal for 2015. That’s why we are thrilled that several pairs of Birks in white have just arrived to compliment some of their ever-classic neutral colorways. Remember that sultry black-and-white still of a young Kate Moss wearing white Arizona Birkenstocks? She looked so effortlessly on-point and I have a suspicion it had something to do with her incredibly comfortable kicks. Inspired by Miss Moss we decided to start with the Birkenstock Florida Sandals in pearly white.

Since we steered away from classic neutral leathers Birkenstock tends to feature we decided to bring a pop of neutral rust with the athleisure design offered with the Roxy Miss a Beat Pants. They are comfy and classy paired with the stark white Fight or Flight Tank by RVCA. We love the endless versatility offered with this business meets casual top. Dress the Fight or Flight up for a night on the town or down with denim shorts in the summer.

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You can’t wear Birkenstocks without something flowy it’s almost a rule, at least in my book. The Billabong So Long Honey Cardigan was our perfect flowing candidate. We liked the idea of adding some jewel tones to the mix, and the cardigan had a few rusty stripes to tie the pants in. The overall silhouette is uncomplicated, comfortable and enticing, the makeup of every great ensemble.

As much as we are still hell bent on getting some decent days on the mountain this Spring, these sporadically warm and dry Portland days have us dreaming of bikinis and beachside brews. Stay tuned for our Spring Lookbook we are planning an Oregon Coast excursion to showcase our favorite looks in the coming weeks.

Birkenstock Avialable at U.S. Outdoor

Categorically, Whats New just doesn’t make a lick of sense, especially when you consider the lengthy history that has shaped the Birkenstock brand. Contextually, Whats New merely refers to our new found relationship with Birkenstock.

With a lineage that dates back 230 years, Birkenstock knows how to put your feet at ease. Within that time, their classic, cork footbeds have been honed in and crafted to perfection. All who where them know of what I speak. They are a household name that is synonymous with comfort. Birkenstock footwear continues to stroll through the proverbial door, making themselves at home in everyone’s living room. More recently, Birkenstocks have seen a resurgence in the fashion world; so they have that going for them, too, which is nice. As the Americana movement gains steam, it seems only logical that such a brand would gain even more notoriety just by staying the course. That is what makes Birkenstock a great brand, and we are proud to welcome them to our family.

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