Thursday Threads: Flower Power With A Dash Of Mustard

Nothing beats an ensemble that’s two parts cozy and one part sexy. Looking babadelic while at the same time feeling like you’re at home in your pjs is always a win. That’s what we love about the Element Overedge Maxi Dress it’s versatile, fashion savvy and oh-so comfortable. A tie-dye dress typically tends to have a summer vibe; the good-witch meets monochromatic dye job on this maxi isn’t overly summery, making it a perfect layering candidate. An all-season, flowing dress should be a part of every woman’s arsenal coming from the humble opinion of Stevie Nicks fashion admirer. I’m obviously doing a future post featuring some Stevie inspired looks, let’s be real. Moving forward, you can wear this maxi with thick long underwear in the winter while still having a great-looking, bulk-free body, yay!

Thursday Thread Ashley

In the summer months it has a sexy open back with lacey details, double yay! We’ve paired the bohemian Overedge with the Billabong Shadow Viewz Jacket, a military inspired look for an unexpected play on flower power. We’ve added a dash of mustard with the Brixton Grace Scarf: Part II of our cozy. In case you haven’t noticed, yellow is big for 2015, and before you hate on it just know that a pop of dijon looks good on almost every skin tone. When in doubt, add the colors you’re uncertain about via accessories.

Thursday Threads Ashley 2

When in serious color doubt, make your manfriend wear it so you can live vicariously through his complexion. We are dying to buy the Airblaster Outlast Tech Flannel in grizzly mustard for our current or future lumbarsexuals. Until next time!

Thursday Threads Jaffe

Pre Season Rep Day Sale! October 19th – 20th

The Rep Day Sale is upon us! October 19th and 20th to be exact…

The  reps have come out of hibernation and are hitting the road, giving us the ins and outs of their products so that we can get you into the gear that is best suited for you, literally and figuratively. But why not experience their knowledge, first hand? Not to take anything away from our shop guys- What I am saying is that there aren’t many opportunities throughout the year where you have the reps from all your favorite brands posted up in the same place at the same time and filling you in on all the juicy details. Not that they are gossip girls or anything like that. This isn’t Comic Con. Although there are a few of the reps (who will be in attendance) that like to nerd out on Comic Con. Again, that isn’t a bad thing. Some reps like comics and super heroes and some like football… but we all love skiing and snowboarding. Game. Set. Match.

US Outdoor Pre Season Rep Day Sale

US Outdoor Preseason Rep Day Sale

The US Outdoor Preseason Rep Day Sale is going down Saturday, October 20th and 21st! Sales reps from Burton, K2 Snowboards, Lib Tech, Volcom, Airblaster, Ride Snowboards, Vans, DC and much more will be enlightening patrons with their knowledge of product and its uses. You’ll also have the pleasure of meeting Airblaster Pro Brandon Cocard and Volcom’s Dan Brisse. These two snow bound scallywags will be signing autographs and cracking jokes while you get your new kit dialed in. So come on down and reap the benefits of priceless knowledge and low prices!

Airblaster Presents: Home Runs with Tim Eddy

Airblaster is continually dressing our eyeballs with content that encourages us to look at snowboarding from a different perspective. So it is only natural that Home Runs with Tim Eddy be as wholesome and fun as the fresh ingredients they put on their pizzas. Beyond the Pizza Party, Tim Eddy and friends stay wild on mount hood with the kids from camp who just ate their pizza. Watch the cycle run full circle in the new webisode ‘Home Runs With Tim Eddy’ presented by Airblaster. Enjoy!

Chill Foundation Fund Raiser – Friday March 23rd

Chill Foundation Fundraiser Migration Brewing Co

Migrate to the Migration Brewing Co. (2828 Northeast Glisan Street Portland, OR 97232) where The Chill Foundation will be hosting a fund raiser to raise money for under privileged urban youth so that they too may enjoy the mountain’s bounty. In their own words, “The Chill Foundation works to provide opportunities for at-risk and under-served youth by building self-esteem and life skills though board sports.” They had me at “hello.” Along side the Chill Foundation, a laundry list of awesome sponsors that includes: Burton Snowboards, K2 Snowboarding, Airblaster, Skullcandy, Electric Goggles, Oregon Surf Adventures, One Ball Jay, Commonwealth Skateboarding, Portland Timbers, Timberline, 2nd Wind Sports, Maple XO Recycled Skateboard Jewelry and US Outdoor will be there in support of and to represent all the young adventurers that wish to better themselves and shred the fresh and jib the best terrains around. There will be live music, an art show, copious amounts beer (duh) with happy hour prices all night, and a plethora of gear to be raffled off! The question is, how do you NOT have fun? That question is of course rhetorical as it is impossible not to have fun looking at art while listening to live music and more importantly donating to a noble cause. If you have other plans, change them, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

Live music:
The Lonesome Billies (door swinging, whiskey drinking, outlaw tunes)
Strike Me Dead

Annie Mcghaughlin
Kyle Leeser
Jonah Porter
Nathan Stang


Airblaster’s Stay Wild Wednesday: Episode 10

Brighton up everyone! Look, as long as there is snow on the ground we can ride. As spring rolls around, park paraders get a chance to open it up and get jibby with it on sunny blue bird days. It’s not a bad way to live. Airblaster riders: Parker Duke and Jesse Gouveia are gonna show you how to live the high (altitude) life in Brighton’s jib park.