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Warm Current: Non-Profit Surf Saints Shaping The Northwest Written by Mike.S on September 7th, 2012

If not for a random trip to Pacific City, OR in late June, I might not have been informally introduced to John Koenig; an advocate of Warm Current, which is a non profit organization that promotes ocean recreation in communities that lack funding and access to surfing and other water sports. By providing recycled wet suits to underprivileged youth across the globe and running surf camps in the summertime, Warm Current creates a common bond for community residents that without help can only sit and ponder possibilities.

That brought me to warmcurrent.org and their story, which upon reading forced me to imagine the amount of “waste” that we discard in our lives, “waste” that may have run its course in our eyes and how most of us (including me) neglect or fail to recognize the life said “waste” might bring to those less fortunate. But I don’t want to sound like a preacher here, I would just like to say that it is way too easy to just “throw it away” even when it still works or serves a purpose. This is where Warm Current comes into play.

There are institutions set up to receive your second hand goods and for the most part they do a great job of serving the community but, what if you went directly to the source that would put your old yet still serviceable surf gear in the hands of those who are truly passionate about surfing? Warm Current accepts charitable donations and recycled wet suits and distributes them across the globe and throughout the Pacific Northwest. So if you are at odds with your old wet suit, look to Warm Current. Not only will you be helping out, you will up your karma points!

Last, you can learn about Warm Current and their objectives online but why not take it one step further and meet these folks face to face? Warm Current is hosting the first annual ‘Shaping The Northwest’ fundraising event on Thursday, September 13. For more information visit the Shaping The Northwest Facebook event page. I encourage you all to check this out and develop a relationship with these nonprofit surf saints.

Shaping the NW Fundraiser Portland Oregon

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