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Surfs Up! New Wetsuits, Boardshorts, and Surf Tunes Written by Mike.S on April 28th, 2012

Though it has never stopped locals from getting their waves, the cold coastal waters of Oregon certainly thin out the herd. But with temperatures on the rise and a fresh stock of wetsuits and board shorts at US Outdoor, it is time to inflate the proverbial beach ball and seek the habitual ocean crests that are created by earth’s relationship with the moon.

That being said, we can all appreciate a good soundtrack that conjures up beach bound adventures like a wizard casting spells, and there are some new faces in the musical mix that have people in the surf game talking: Don & The Quixotes this Portland, Oregon outfit is gaining steam with their brand of traditional surf rock that will get you pitted in sweet riffs and stunning beats.

But don’t just take my word for it, read what the Portland Mercury had to say:

“Many bands these days employ the trappings of surf music to evoke a trendy, lackadaisical aesthetic, but Don and the Quixotes are one of the rare gems that actually walk the walk. Every song on the Portland group’s debut album is soaked in vintage twang, from straightforward throwback instrumentals (“Orbiter”) to numbers that curl at the edges with derisive rock and roll (“The Cactus”), and even one clever take on a classical song (“Surfer Elise”—get it?)…”

-MARANDA BISH, Portland Mercury, 3/29/12

To preview the Don & The Quixotes debut album, click here.

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