Makaha Skateboards Founder Larry Stevenson Dies at Age 81

Larry Stevenson Makaha Skateboards Founder

Larry Stevenson, founder of Makaha Skateboards and an integral piece in the development of skateboarding in the 60’s, has passed away at the age of 81; leaving in his wake a crack in the Concrete Wave. He was an early pioneer of professional skateboards and helped bridge the gap between the surf and skate scene in Venice Beach; a gap that has held strong for half a century. During an era in which free speech, love and self expression took hold, Larry Stevenson sought to improve skateboard design from the comforts of his own garage; a common place where some of the most successful companies have started. It didn’t take long for his surf inspired skates to hit the streets; clay wheels and better trucks made it easier to shred the Concrete Wave and, to this day, skateboards give free spirited athletes an outlet to tap into the culture that started it all. Therefore, it is our duty to pay homage to those like Makaha founder, Larry Stevenson, who helped pave the wave so that our youthful spirits could live on.

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