Volcom TrueToThis
Volcom ‘True To This’ Episodes One & Two Written by Mike.S on January 15th, 2014

There is no sense in biting the hand of Volcom, as they have continually fed us a genuine brand experience packed with skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding that is both rich in style and loaded with an intense, figurative flavor for over two decades now. Bon appetit! Their approach seduces the palette as if it were somehow laced with MSG. Obviously that is impossible. Nevertheless, Volcom as a brand continues to impress on all levels and lure us into their world… And oh what a wonderful world it is.

‘True To This’ chronicals Volcom and the rise of a brand that has become a household name that has yet to be stripped of its integrity. Bravo! But rather than explain all of this to you, it would be more fun for you to just watch True To This, take it in, and cradle it to your bosom (figuratively speaking). Enjoy.


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