US Outdoor: Registered Burton Spare Parts Dealer Written by Mike.S on January 24th, 2013

US Outdoor Burton Spare Parts DealerIn case you didn’t know, US Outdoor is a registered Burton spare parts dealer. Yes sir, we have spare parts for your snowboard bindings and boots. If you have a missing screw, washer, strap, ratchet etc. we can get you back on the hill without having to play a warranty waiting game; all thanks to this man, Mr. Sparious Particus, a Greek born handyman and newest member of the US Outdoor family.

Sparious Particus enjoys replacing the nicks and knacks that make up your bindings and boots. As a boy growing up on the shores of Santorini, Sparious found himself repairing beached boats from spare parts that had washed ashore. Inspired by his own design, he grew fond of Frankenstein and became an advocate of spare parts developed by Burton. After years of mixing and matching key components, Sparious set sail for the United States of America on a vessel he built from scratch.

Though he was not well versed in sailing, Sparious safely navigated the nautical abyss that he had spent so many days staring into. He made his way through the mouth of the mighty Columbia River and on down the Willamette until he reached port in Portland, Oregon. He had never felt so alone, but panic was not an option. Sparious had a plan and on he went, down Burnside until he reached Broadway. A quick stop into Mary’s Club (which was not at all what he thought it was) and Sparious found himself at the doors of US Outdoor. And so the story goes. After completing the necessary paperwork, hi-fives and so on, Sparious was welcomed into the family. The rest is history.

Oh yeah, US Outdoor also has spare parts from brands like K2, Ride, Salomon, Union, Sparks R&D, Nike, Boa Lacing and Forum.

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